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    I am currently trying hard to lose about 30lbs and it is going real slow (not even a lb per week) I just dropped calories to 2100 daily. My question is, after doing some research I find two schools of thought.
    a. Figure protein, figure fats (25-30%) then the remainder will be carbs, for me this is aroung 170g.
    b. Figure protein, only allow 100g of carbs and the remainder will be fats.
    Any suggestions on this please.
    Thanks in advance,

    I will continue to read other posts but I need a fast answer.
  2. Sci

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    Not enough weight loss = too many calories, always count protein first, then with carbs and fats, minimize them both to keep your calories low.

    A or B will both work as long as calories are low enough.

    A is probably better, as keeping carbs too low can make you sluggish and ├╝ber-hungry.

    My current cutting macros are around 170 g protein, 150 g carbs, 60 g fats.
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  3. hark

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    Hey, some people prefer low-carb, some people prefer low-fat.
    On a cut, I like going high-fat, low-carb. My body seems to respond better that way.
    I can still fit quite a bit of carbs in there though. A very small serving of rice, 1-2 fruits, and all the vegetables I can eat.

    If you decide to go high-fat, here is a caveat: you will drop weight in the first few days at a ridiculous pace, but do not be fooled. This is the water leaving your body due to your glycogen stores being depleted. Aesthetically, you can expert to be tighter and dryer in most places so losing water is not just for show. However, for the sake of numbers, do not expect this pace to continue.

    Lastly, studies show that high-fat for an extended amount of time can lead to low T3 levels. In fact, I advocate this myself because I made the mistake once of going high-fat for too long, and I felt like utter **** because my testosterone was so low.

    Good luck!
  4. manimal

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    30lbs of weight is not very hard to lose if you try to lose it the proper way and not some fad diet that's going to dehydrate your body and you just lose water weight. If you're eating pastas, pizza's and mcdonalds all day while sitting playing your xbox you're not going to lose anything. Lowering your carbs and fat intake is a start but if you're having difficulty loosing more weight, decreasing the amount of food or whatever % some lame ass magazine told you to shoot for isn't going to help. Increase your protein and increase the amount of activity you do per day every day.

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