Deadlift PR

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    As much as HST'ers like deads...I'm surprised to see this thread get almost a year old without a comment!
    I'd like to add a thought that gets the bar going that I read somewhere on a PL forum or article.
    After addressing the bar, getting wrapped and/or positioned, there are THREE things that happen before the weight leaves the floor, assuming you know that "position" includes the downward pelvic tilt and chest raise.
    1.) the bar comes up in the holes of the weights, taking out slack as you grip it
    2.) the bar bends upward as you begin the pull
    3.) the heels ram the floor explosively and the body takes the weight.

    Somehow, although these seem to happen simultaneously, just knowing it helps initiate the pull and I swear ta God I can pull more because of it!
    I've gone from 425 to 460 with and still climbing at week 15. I even jumped ahead a week on the max.

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