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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Stretchman, May 13, 2004.

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    Well, I think I have finally gotten started on the weight loss thing. I don't know about anyone else's diet, but research research has led me to add lot's more fish oil, coconut oil, some flaxseed, and sparingly now nuts and cottage cheese.

    Surprisingly, my calories are up about 2800, and carbs run about 50 or so. This is unusually high. Might be the increased fats that I am taking, but it appears to be working, at least somewhat. HIIT using the cheap jump rope works pretty well too. My high for today was 262, then I went and bought a scale, took everything out of my pockets, and tried again. Weight after that was 259. So I grabbed everything that was in my pockets and sure enough, 262 again. Of course, since I had a new scale, I had to weigh myself throughout the day.

    My low was 253, and settled about 255. Of course, fiber has been known to do that. In SD now, otherwise, sat here and pondered whether or not I should. Already did once. But shouldn't have. What do you do if you can't leave the weights alone? Anyways, start next week again with 15s.


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