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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by KAAJ, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. KAAJ

    KAAJ New Member

    I use to eat about an hour after the workout. Isn't it then better for me to use whey instead of casein in the post WO-shake?

    This will make me more anabolic the hours after training.
  2. If you still plan on eating an hour after working out, it really doesn't matter as long as the meal has a good protein content. Whey peaks quicker but doesn't last as long as casein so eating whey will hold you over til your meal. If you aren't eating after work out then I would use either casien or multiple whey feedings(more calories though, so you'll have to whey the difference :D ). Yeah I know bad joke [​IMG]
  3. KAAJ

    KAAJ New Member

    But will it be BETTER, assuming you eat one hour later?

    I don't see why casein should be better than whey if you eat one hour later anyway.
  4. again as I said originally
  5. KAAJ

    KAAJ New Member

    I see...I only use powder pre and post WO. Right now I can only afford one powder..wich type would you reccomand?
  6. Naturally if there are fiscal constraints I would recommend Whey, it's easier on the pocket book [​IMG]
  7. KAAJ

    KAAJ New Member

    I can afford a box of casein, so I can choose...
  8. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Whey seems better for preworkout, since it is absorbed quickly, so if you can only afford one, I think the choice should be clear... Also, you're going to eat one hour later so there is no real point in getting casein. The only reason you would get casein is if you needed a slow protein, but since you are eating an hour later...
  9. KAAJ

    KAAJ New Member

    Assuming you're eating an hour later, I would say whey is the best post WO protein. Whey will get amino acids into the system more quickly, and be will be better at supporting anabolic effects.

    I don's see why one would want slow protein after workout, if one get it 1-2 hours later anyway in an ordinary meal.

    When Bryan reccomands slow protein after WO, he must be assuming that one will not be eating for some hours.
  10. KAAJ

    KAAJ New Member

    Isn't it prefferable with higher amino acid levels the hour after training?
  11. yes but preferably for more than an hour, but it is also just as important and preferable to have the amino's already circulating during the workout.

    From Bryan's protein Myths

    Also read his Articles on Pre and Post Nutrition
  12. KAAJ

    KAAJ New Member

    ".... but also ensure that protein synthesis is jump started and that protein break down is kept at a minimum during the hours following their workout."

    So the most important thing AFTER workout is to minimize protein break down?

    And Bryan reccomand casein after workout regardless of one having a meal or not an hour later, because casein is best at minimzing protein break down?
  13. Yes, casein is better at diminishing breakdown.

    Ultimately if you are ingesting any slow acting protein post workout it's good. Which is why I said earlier since you are eating post workout, I don't think it matters all that much. Solid food will be more slowly absorbed than liquid, even if you drank a whey shake with your meal it still would be absorbed slower because of the solid food in your gut with it. This also varies with the amount, the more you consume the longer it takes to empty. Ultimately it's about quality, amount and timing, if you want to consume a quality whey shake post WO then eat(some good proteins) in an hour or so then you'll be fine.
  14. KAAJ

    KAAJ New Member

    Is this right;The most important thing AFTER workout is to minimize protein break down?
  15. I don't think Bryan would have pointed it out if it wasn't right.
  16. KAAJ

    KAAJ New Member

    From the article on Pre and Post Nutrition (in closing);

    " An emphasis on high glycemic carbs, complete readily digestible proteins such as whey, egg, or high quality casein, and essential fats such as fish or flax oil will meet the criteria for an effective post exercise meal. "

    Readily digestible proteins?
  17. Maybe I'm wrong but I believe he was refering to a liquid meal.

    But anyway, since you are eating a solid meal after a whey protein shake (readibly digestible protein) the whey shake will deliver enough aminos to your muscle long enough until the solid meal begins to. You'll be fine [​IMG]
  18. Nemesis7884

    Nemesis7884 New Member

    well casein is just 3x as expensive as whey if you can afford it you are a lucky guy...i cant...i will have to stick with whey...

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