Falling asleep after eating

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Louno, Jun 1, 2004.

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    i know that after you eat , u might feel a bit sleepy... well since college this has been a major problem for me, and now im sleeping at work too...
    After lunch is the worst, i go to my desk and im not very productive, in fact i litteraly sleep, sometimes i have to go to the bathroom sit on the floor and sleep 5 min then put some cold water on my face and go back to work...
    I tried chewing gum or something , this is crazy lol... I have the uncanny ability to fall asleep anywhere ...
    I think i could get more sleep but its not that bad , i get 5h30-7h30 ( average 6h30) of sleep everyday... anyways...

    I was wondering if this was related to digestion and the food i eat ?
    I swear im not exagerating...
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    5 1/2 hours? How old are you? I know everyone is different and age could play a role, but man, unless I get 7-8 hours regularly I sound like you =P

    I'd be interested to hear what others say too since sleep is big w/my routine... Do you sleep on a regular schedule? even on the weekends? From the ranges you mentioned it doesn't sound like it...

    What about naps? Can you take them on a regular basis - perhaps during the end of your lunch break? I used to do that... find an empty office, or go into my truck and sleep for 10-30 minutes. Don't go over 30 (maybe even 20) or else you get groggy.

    What about caffeine? I hate to ask, but sometimes it helps... I need to use it occationally... Just make sure u flood ur system w/water if you are taking creatine too.
  3. Do you feel as though you zone out and sometimes even fall asleep without realising it?
    any headaches or dizzyness?
    You might have low blood sugar(hypoglycemia)
    Always eat breakfast, try eating smaller meals and more protein and fiber with every meal and be carbs aware (G.I.)-- if you feel sleepy try having some jelly beans see if it helps.(i am not sure its as easy as that but it may tell you something)
    I'd get thyself along to a doctor and get your levels tested.
    and like techo said get more sleep , i'm 40 and need 7 hrs and make sure i get same sleep/awake hrs on the w/e. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Lunch: No sugar at all, at least half protein.

    This is super key. I used to nap all the time. Since I've consciously switched to a higher protein diet, I rarely nap if ever.

    By the way, I know what you're feeling. Your eyes just feel heavy, you can't think. You just need to sleep. Instead of sleeping try eating a sandwich. Although you may not feel hungry it will fix the problem.
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    the problem is normal and follows normal circadian rhythm. However you are probably adding to problem with a lack of sleep. Try to get 8hours a night. As others have already mentioned, the types of food you eat at lunch time might be adding to the problem. Try to eat high protein, lowish fat and moderate unrefined carbs. something like tuna salad with a medium baked potato. Avoid eating until you feel stuffed.

    Finally, one thing that might help is to go for a brisk 10-20 walk filling your lungs with fresh air before you return to work.
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    im 22 and have been working out for 3 months now with vitamine, protein and creatine supplement...
    On weekend i usualy sleep alot more, i love to just go to bed and wake up by myself . but during the week i have to get up hurly to go to work and i come back late, i said 5h30-7h30 but id say most of the time i get 6h30-7h of sleep.
    Since i started working out i greatly modified my nutrition, i eat alot more vegetables/fruits, chicken , milk and water, and I eliminated almost all fast food... I avoid fat as much as i can. I dont drink coffee. Before this i was eating pretty badly, skipping breakfast all the time and junk food for lunch etc...
    Sometime i feel like the more sleep i get, the more im tired hehe

    oh i forgot, i dont have any headache or dizziness ...
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    I agree with the above... try to get some more rest. Also, I'd recommend supplementing with some enzymes to help with digestion.

    This thread just made me sleepy...

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    the National Sleep Foundation said something to the effect of, "you can train yourself to sleep less, but you can't train your body to need less sleep."

    sleepiness during the day (even after lunch, or in a quiet, darkened environment) is a sign of sleep deficit.

    "A century ago, Americans averaged about nine hours of sleep a night. Now they average about seven. Too many people (especially those in a position to decide how much the rest of us should work and what hours we should keep) consider sleep to be a luxury, or at the very least negotiable. It isn't. It is as necessary to life and health as are food and water."
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    You need to look into hyperinsulinemia as a possible cause of your post meal tiredness. It is the usual cause.

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