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  1. Hi first time HST'er and can't wait for gains...but first I have some very stupid questions so please bare with me :x .
    For Incline Hammers, I do it each arm at a time (right then left, right then left, so on...), so I was wondering if I have to do 15 Reps for each arm...thus being technically "30RM" (15 Reps for right arm, 15 reps for left)

    Also, is it alright/safe to do squats with DB's? seeing that not many people do it with it but I have no other machines or squat bar.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Yes, 15 each arm

    It won't be a 30 RM since you are working one arm at a time it is still 15RM.

    DB Squats, sure why not, I hope you can add some weight to em, you'll need it soon  ;) Good luck
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    Regarding squats with dbs.

    The reason u dont see anyone doing it is that its gona be really a pain in the @$$.
    Hate to go against dkm, (he blatently knows far more than me on the subject of HST) but if you think about it, the weight u do with dbs will have little to do with your legs.
    Itl be determined by ur forearms (ie ur grip) and the stamina of ur traps (there gona burn before ur legs will).

    Id eitha change the exercise or change gyms mate, because as u said you dont see anyone doing them and thats for a reason!!!
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    Forearms are the weak link here, but they're the weak link in deadlifts too, and that tends to be the compound exercise that ppl can handle the most weight on. I'd suggest you pay the forearms some attention this cycle if you're doing DB squats, but otherwise you should be alright.

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