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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by imported_fearfactory, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. It's been 8 mos or so since I've lifted consistently at all...or done any cardio.

    Currently 6'2" and weighing 222lbs.  Aged 31.  Not sure about BF%, but I know it's high.

    I'll be starting week 3 on Mon so I'll post the 1st two weeks of workouts.

    Overall, my priorities are to signifigantly increase cardio-vascular endurance, reduce bodyfat and increase muscle mass.

    I walk about 45 mins 5 x a week year long and play 18 holes of disc golf ~ 3-4 x a week in the summer.  Other than that, about the only exercise I get is in the gym.

    My diet isn't great...although it wouldn't be too bad if I could take a mulligan for beer and mexican restaraunts.
  2. Mon 4-2-07
    3x10x65 DB Flat Bench
    3x10x135 BB Squat
    3x5xBW Overhand Pullups
    3x10x65 DB Single Arm Bent Row
    Walked (always outside, always 45mins)
    Ran 1.25 miles outside PM

    walked  (f'n sore from the squats!)

    3x10x70 DB Bench
    3x10x155 Squat
    3x10x70 1 arm row
    3x5x BW Overhand pullups
    ran 20 mins on the treadmill


    3x10x75 DB Bench
    3x10x175 Squat
    3x10x70 1 arm row
    3x5x BW Overhand pullups
    ran 20 mins on the treadmill
  3. Mon 4-9
    3x8x75 DB Bench
    3x10x195 Squat
    3x8x75 1 arm row
    3x5x BW Overhand pullups

    ran intervals on treadmill - 20 mins

    3x8x80 DB Bench
    3x10x200 Squat
    3x8x80 1 arm row
    3x8x BW Overhand pullups
    walked 1 mile treadmill

    ran intervals on treadmill - 24mins

    3x8x85 DB Bench
    3x10x205 Squat
    3x8x85 1 arm row
    3x8x BW Overhand pullups
    ran intervals on treadmill 20 mins
  4. quadancer

    quadancer New Member

    So you're doing single week rep ranges? What are you going to do after the last week? If you did 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 that would be only five weeks.
  5. Sniggel

    Sniggel New Member

    Had to check this log out because of your name [​IMG]
    One of my favorite groups.
    Thats some goals you got there. Hard to do them all at once!
  6. the_dark_master

    the_dark_master New Member

    Dips man, dips - ditch the DB press & start dipping; they'll boost confidence, cuff health & useable strength.
    1. They're initially "harder to do" - so when you can do them, psychologically they're a boost.
    2. As dips are a "move body through space" they add more functionality to the body's muscle mass.
    3. Nothing feels better than adding weight to the dip belt esp. as you lose it 'round the belt-line!

    If you do/can add them to your routine, IMO, it'd be best to cluster rep upto a set number - then as the cluster sets themselves near say 5 to 8 each; then add weight

    Above all though: Quality reps above quantity [​IMG]
  7. quad,
    I can't really say I really reflected on a plan much at all when I decided to start lifting again...the first day was kind of a fluke...I was literally walking by the gym and just decided to see how bad off I was...ignorance with a plan would describe my approach pretty well...minus the plan.

    sniggel, you're an easy guy to agree with! thanks for the comment.

    ironically, I was considering replacing DB bench w/ dips while at the gym today...your comment ran parallel to my thoughts. My gym has a belt that would allow me to add weight...that trade out is something that may well happen in the near future. Dips are one of my favorite exercises.
  8. weight 224

    today's workout:
    3x6x90 DB Bench
    3x8x215 Squat
    3x6x90 1 arm row
    3x8x BW neutral grip pullups
    Incline DB Bench 2x12x35
    Leg Press (machine) 2x12x190

    walked on treadmill for 20 mins, varying speed/incline to keep my HR above 150
  9. Tues
    ran 1.25 miles outside...walked another .5

    Squat 3-8x225
    Pullups 3x8xbw
    1 arm db row 3x6x90
    dips 3x15xbw
    incline db 2x12x35
    leg press 2x12x205
    20 mins cardio on the treadmill

    today was the 1st time so far that I felt good about my workout.  felt a little pump in my triceps after the dips, which was what made me happy.  

    I did the squats very well...I'm weak and I was VERY concerned my form would breakdown or that I'd fail.  but it went deep and easy.  

    on Mon I felt a twinge in my shoulder while DB pressing on the flat bench.  I've had rotator problems before...and I don't have an injury now.  but, just the same, I'm going to be more protective of my shoulder for a while.  I was happy w/ the dips, been a while since I've done them.

    I've been doing the leg press and incline db bench just to:  add more volume and get used to range of motion again.  but I think that I'll replace them with deads of some type.  and possibly a rotating isolation exercise.

    that may mean that I'll start lifting more than 3 days a week...which would be cool.

    overall, my conditioning is much improved.  I'd started running 3x weekly for 3wks before I started lifting again.  so I've definitely regained some confidence and am feeling more motivated...but the main thing is that I'm actually getting to a place where I can be serious and actually lift w/ some intensity.

    at the moment, I'm starting to think I may continue for a couple more weeks the way I'm going now.  sliding down to some 5 or 6 rep squats after one more week of squatting 8's (next week).  then I'll likely take a short break and pick up a full HST cycle.
  10. colby2152

    colby2152 New Member

    <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Dips are one of my favorite exercises.</div>

    Dips are great and along with chins or pullups as you have, your arms should have great growth. Rows and some sort of chest press adds in some consistent tricep push and pull movements that are essential. Your volume for arms is fine, so I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. Thurs
    ran 1.25 miles outside...walked another .5

    Fri (today)
    Squat 3x8x235
    Pullups 3x8xbw
    1 arm db row 3x6x95
    dips 3x15xbw
    DB Pullover 2x12x35
    leg press 2x12x225

    I've been sluggish ever since Wednesday's workout. Feeling sore and fatigued. Barely got through my squats and pullups today. I'll run 1.25 miles this evening and walk another .5, hopefully that'll get me energized. currently weighing 224.
  12. RUSS

    RUSS Member

    Sometimes a 4 day layoff- not an SD or deload but just a 4 day break can be just the thing to breathe some [email protected] back into you and your w/o....just a thought use it if it helps. [​IMG]
  13. I don't know about taking a four day break, I haven't even been lifting for a month. Physically, it's probably not a bad idea...psychologically, I'm afraid if I take a break I won't start back up!

    Squats 3x8x240
    Pullups 3x8xBW
    1 arm Rows 3x6x95
    Dips 3x10x +20

    everything went pretty easy today. I had hoped to get 3x10 on the pullups, but couldn't...I'm wondering how I can improve on my ability to do pullups, maybe I should add some pulldowns...

    didn't run or do any real cardio today. I don't feel tired or anything, just didn't want to get run down again this week.
  14. Tues 24th
    ran 1.25 miles outside
    walked 90 mins

    walked 45mins
    Dips 3x10x25
    3x8x245 Squat
    3x6x95 1 arm row
    3x8x BW neutral grip pullups
    DB Pullover 2x12x45
    Leg Press (machine) 2x12x235

    ran 1.5 miles on treadmill (incline)
    walked 90 mins
  15. TGIF!  bodyweight - 222

    Squats 3x8x250 (lost my form on the 7th rep of the last set...so I had to rerack and compose myself to finish the last two reps)
    Pull Ups 3x8x bw +5...it looked measly doing pull ups w/ a 5lb plate!  but these are getting much easier and a few weeks ago I wouldn't have imagined I could add weight to this exercise.
    1 arm row 3x6x95...my gym doesn't have any heavier DB's...and their weight stack for the low pulley is light...looking for a different rowing exercise.
    Dips 3x10x bw + 30 - these were hard.  I failed on the last rep of the last set, but I again regrouped and finished.

    Looking forward to sets of 5 next week for squats.  Will probably be doing sets of 8 w/ dips and sets of 6 for Pull ups.

    I've never actually squatted 250 before, or really done much squatting at all.  So I was excited about that today.  I'm going to set a goal for squatting 300lbs.  Also, I think a good goal would be a set of 10 pull ups w/ a 25lb plate.

    My back has really been responding of late and is noticeably more full.  Same with my quads.

    edited to add that I walked 45 mins today.
  16. Dips 3x8x35
    3x6x255 Squat
    3x6x95 1 arm row
    3x6x BW+10 neutral grip pullups

    the workout went pretty easy today. I ran for a mile after I lifted...and the running did not come easy at all, so I know that the lifting wiped me out pretty good...but I felt strong after I was done.
  17. Dips 3x8x bw +40
    3x6x260 Squat
    3x6x95 1 arm row
    3x8x BW+15 neutral grip pullups

    On Mon 4-30, I had started doing sets of 6 pullups. I must've forgotten this in the gym today because I did sets of 8. They went fairly easily too, which gives me hope of soon making my goal of 3x10x bw+25!
  18. Dips 3x8x +45
    3x6x265 Squat 1x295 1x300 !!!
    3x6x95 1 arm row
    3x8x BW+20 neutral grip pullups

    Felt pretty good today after squats (which shocked me)...so I wanted to see if I could get 300 and I did! pretty easily too, so I'm thinking maybe at the end of next week I'll shoot for 320.

    stuck w/ doing sets of 8 pullups too, I need some improvement in this area, and I'm not really doing enough weight to justify 6 reps (that's my logic anyway)...

    bodyweight was 219 today. I've only ran once this week, so I'll probably do a little running tomorrow.
  19. Tues 8th
    Squats 3x6x270 - missed the 6th rep of the 1st set, had to rerack and do that rep over again. next two sets I performed 4 reps, reracked/briefly rested and finished the last two reps
    Pullups 3x6x bw + 25
    Dips 3x6 x bw + 50
    1 arm rows 3x6x95

    didn't work out Monday...looks that I'll only lift twice this week [​IMG]

    I may go in Fri and get some isolation work in...but I missed Monday's workout and am not happy about that!
  20. Today
    Squats 3x6x275 - did four, reracked/briefly rested, did two
    Pullups 3x6x bw + 35
    Dips 3x6 x bw + 55
    1 arm rows 3x6x95

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