Fiber.... Fit It Into Your Cut?


Having a hard time getting enough daily fiber... 10g or less. Digestion is pretty slow, obviously.
Keeping my carbs and protein intake high enough leaves little caloric room left to 40g of fiber or so while cutting....
I've added phylum fiber when I can, but it isn't enough.
Anyone else?
Drink loads of black coffee!!!!

What is your carb intake in grammes as I get ~25g of fibre on ~85g of carbs and could get nearly 40g of fibre with ~140g of carbs
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It really shouldn't be difficult to eat plenty of vegetables ...

Broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms (albeit a fungus), lettuce, cabbage, beansprouts, capsicums (what Americans call 'bell peppers'), zucchini, cucumber, carrots, spinach ...
Upping my spinach, carrot, arugula intake... Maybe more veggies to spice up my salads. Trying for at least one salad a day. Damn olive oil really ups the calories, even just a tablespoon!
Dude get a wook, throw the veggies you love, a tiny bit of salt (and spiccy stuff, loads of it for me please), and there it is!! No extra cals no nothing, salted veggies, great tasting, no need for oils.

Edit: If the problem is transit related also check for water intake.
Girlfriend says no oil needed. Just put the veggies and goooo!
She just says you need to buy a good one to steam Cook the veggies.
Too many calories...
I've been getting my fiber with green salads, bean salad (good protein) and Metamucil once or twice a day. The stuff is expensive! Ill have to remember where I got bulk Psyllium fiber before... Much cheaper.