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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by gbglifter, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    1st session today went not too bad. I havent done 12´s in ages so I had to do a little guess work as to which weights I should start with on some exercises, but I found a "good level". Im only doing one set on each of the exercises per session. Two sets will take far too long towards the heavier end of the cycle. I weighed in at 81kg with my clothes on, so pretty much spot on 80kg starting weight.

    Squats: 70kg 12reps
    Chins: BW 12reps
    Military: 50kg 12reps
    30 degree DB: 35kg 12reps
    Dips: BW+10kg 12reps
    Legcurl: 35kg 20reps 45kg 12reps. Ill be doing 20 reps before the 12 reps as it gives a good pump.
    Standing calf: 70kg 12reps

    Then ab crunches with max-stim. Then 10 mins interval on the stepmachine
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  2. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    2nd workout:

    Deads: 100kg 12reps
    Military: 52.5kg 12reps
    Chins:BW+2.5kg 12reps
    15degree DB: 35kg 12reps
    Dips:BW+15kg 12reps
    Leg ext: 35kg 20reps 45kg 12reps
    Seated calf: 35kg 12 reps

    Then obliques then 10min interval on stepmachine.
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  3. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    3rd workout:

    Squats: 72.5kg 12reps
    Chins: BW+5kg 12reps
    Military: 55kg 12reps
    30 degree DB: 37.5kg 12reps
    Dips: BW+20kg 12reps
    Seated legcurls: 40kg 20reps 50kg 12reps
    Standing calf: 75kg 12reps

    Then abcrunches with max-stim, then 10 mins interval stepmachine.

    The only exercise Im worried about getting to my max too quickly is military. I havent ever logged the 12´s on military. I think perhaps 57.5/60 is my limit. Ive got 3 more sessions on the 12´s so Ill continue with 55kg again next then raise to 57.5 on the panultimate workout and see if I can push 60 on the last. At least I have a better idea next time round. The 8´s and 4´s I know exactly what I can do.
  4. manimal

    manimal New Member

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it was my understanding that you do not increase weight every session but every following week. At least that's what I'm doing.

    15 x 100 100 105 110 110 115
    x 8 120 120 130 130 130 140
    x 5 150 150 160 170 170 180
  5. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    There's no hard & fast rule, but typically the weights are increased from session-to-session, per the main site and FAQ.
  6. Sci

    Sci Well-Known Member

    The way you are doing it will work fine too. I tend to repeat loads for a workout or two sometimes. It's fine as long as the trend is progressive loading over the cycle.
  7. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Oh absolutely it will work just fine. Furthermore, the stronger you become, the heavier the weights you're dealing with, the less frequent the load progressions occur.
  8. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    I increase almost always every session, apart from When i go down to 3reps. I alternate my db benches between 15 and 30 degrees. So thats probably what youre seeing on my log.
  9. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    Start of 2nd week:

    Military: 55kg 12reps
    Deads: 110kg 12reps
    Chins: BW+7.5kgkg 12reps(wrote 22 by mistake)
    15degree DB: 37.5kg 12reps
    Dips: BW+21.25kg 12reps
    Legext: 35kg 20reps 50kg 12reps
    Seated calf: 40kg 12 reps

    Then obliques, then 10min interval on crosstrainer.

    Ive had difficuilty in keeping my calories at the level I wanted. I was looking at being 81kg today, so not too far out. Its so good to just eat but I will try to control intake a bit better this week.
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  10. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    5th session of 12´s:

    Squats: 77.5kg 12reps
    Chins: BW+10kg 12reps
    Military: 57.5kg 10+2reps
    30 degree DB: 40kg 12reps
    Dips: BW+23.75kg 12reps
    Seated curls: 40kg 20reps. 60kg 12reps
    Standing calf: 80kg 12reps

    Then ab-crunch with max-stim and some shrugs. Then 10min interval on step-machine. One more session of the 12´s to go. Fairly pleased with this mini-cycle. I feel next time round Ill be making more gains, apart from military where I over estimated my strength! Not bothered about the fact that my abs are disappearing as I know its all for a good cause. I do however look much much fuller just by eating "properly" for just under two weeks.
  11. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    6th session, last day of the 12´2

    Chins: BW+11.25kg 12reps. (couldve pulled a couple more but wanted to save energy for the rest)
    15degree DB: 40kg 15reps(failure)
    Dips: BW+25kg 14reps(failure)
    Leg ext: 35kg 24reps(failure) 55kg 13reps(failure)
    Seated calf: 45kg 18reps(failure)

    Then obliques and 10min interval on step.

    I intentionally skipped military as I wasnt able to do the 12reps without rest yesterday. Ill wait until Monday until I do military again when I start the next mini-cycle of 8´s.
    The bars were busy so I couldnt start off with deads then once Id done the legextensions I wasnt able to do deads as I could hardly even stand. The steps down from the gym were really tough today. Ill start with deads on Monday.
  12. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    Ist session of 2nd mini-cycle: the 8´s

    Deads: 115kg 8reps
    Chins:BW+15kg 8reps
    Military: 55kg 8reps
    30 degree DB: 40kg 8reps
    Dips: BW+30kg 8reps
    Seated legcurls: 40kg 20reps 70kg 8reps
    Stand calf: 80kg 8reps

    I then did ab-crunches in machine with max-stim(increasing for each sesh but maintaining 12reps), then 10min interval on step. Increasing my aerobic capacity here I feel will help me still feel "light" on my feet once I get fat(ter).

    My entry level weights felt pretty much spot on today. During the cut I was keeping the entry level weights quite high to help maintain mass. Im still able to increase increments during the transition phases(sort of) but keeping effort to a minimum at the same time. Im into NOT taxing the CNS unduly.
  13. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    2nd session of the 8´s

    Squats: 80kg 8+8reps
    Chins: BW+16.25 8reps
    Military: 55kg 8+8reps
    15degree DB: 42.5kg 8+6reps
    Dips: BW+32.5kg 8+7reps
    Legext: 40kg 20reps 60kg 8+8reps
    Seated calf: 55kg 8+8reps

    Then obliques, then 10 min interval on step.

    I added in extra sets where I felt I could. I stopped well short of going to failure on them. I could´ve pushed out the 8reps on chestpress and dips but it would´ve been very close to failure. Im really trying to concentrate on building some volume in my legs hence the additional exercises for legs: leg extension and curls. I´ll also be doing two sets for the 8´s and I may try to do 3 sets instead of 2 on the 4´s mini-cycle. My weights increasing nicely, not too quick.
  14. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    3rd session of 8´s

    Deads: 125kg 8reps
    Military: 57.5kg 8+8reps
    Chins: BW+17.5kg 8reps
    30degree DB: 42.5kg 8+7reps
    Dips: BW+35kg 8+8reps
    Curls: 40kg 20reps 75kg 8+8reps
    Standing calf: 90kg 8+8reps

    Then ab-crunch machina a la max-stim. Didnt do step today as it was far too hot.
  15. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    4th session of the 8´s

    Squats: 85kg 8+8reps
    Military: 57.5kg 8+8reps
    Chins: BW+20kg 8reps. Then pull-ups: BW only 8reps
    15 degree DB: 45kg 8+6reps
    Dips: BW+37.5kg 8+6reps
    Legext: 40kg 20reps. 65kg 8reps
    Seated calf: 60kg 8+8reps

    Then some obliques. 10min on the step machine was a bridge too far so I skipped it today. Proceeding nicely. Should be meeting several PR´s by the weekend.
  16. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    5th session of 8´s

    Deads: 135kg 8reps(PB)
    Military: 60kg 8+8reps
    Chins: BW+22.5kg 8reps. Pullups: BW only, 8reps
    30 degree DB: 45kg 6+4reps. (Ive managed more reps but that was whilst splitting sessions)
    Dips: BW+40kg 8+7reps
    Curls: 40kg 20reps. 80kg 8+8reps.
    Standing calf: 100kg 8+7reps

    Then ab-crunch max-stim, then 10min interval on step.
  17. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    6th and last sesh of the 8´s

    Went to failure on every exercise.

    Squats: 90kg 11reps. (PR is 92.5kgx8 so Im pretty sure I could´ve beat that today so will aim for 95 next cycle)
    Military: 62.5kg 10reps(PR is 65x8 so will aim for 65 with more reps next time)
    Chins: BW+25kg 7reps (my grip let me down so will use straps next time round, would´ve managed 8 with them. PR is 27.5kgx8 but weighed slightly less)
    15 degree DB: 47.5kg 7reps
    Dips: BW+45kg 9reps total weight=130.6kg NEW PR! (old PR=130kgx9reps. 600g increase ;) )
    Leg extension: 40kg 23reps. 70kg 10reps
    Seated calf: 65kg 14reps NEW PR!! (old PR=65x8reps, could´ve probably pushed to 75/80 for 8!)

    Felt really strong this cycle. Will start 4´s on monday and Im feeling good about beating all my PR´s. I´ll wait until the end of the next full cycle before I test my deadlift single max. Im pretty sure I can add at least 10kg to my PR. Roll on 200lbs! Ive probably been consuming 3-4000 kcals per day for the last couple of weeks. Im not counting too accurately just checking my weight before each training session and its increasing steadily.
  18. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    1st session of the 4´s

    Deads: 145kg 4+4
    Military: 65kg 4+4
    Chins: BW+30kg 4+4
    30 degree DB: 45kg 4+4
    Dips: BW+50kg 4+4
    Seated curls: 45kg 20reps. 85kg 4+4
    Standing calf: 100kg 4+4

    Then weighted ab-crunches with max-stim.

    Felt great going to the 4rep-cycle. My final lifts, if all goes to plan, will all be PR´s.
  19. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    2nd session of the 4´s

    Squats: 97.5kg 4+4
    Military: 67.5kg 4+4
    Chins: BW+32.5kg 4+4
    15degree DB: 47.5kg 4+4
    Dips: BW+52.5kg 4+4 Heavy heavy but not a kick in the backside from my PR!
    Rackpulls: 100kg 5reps. 120kg 5reps. 140kg 3reps. Did these as I felt I could due to the lower volume workouts now.
    Legextension: 40kg 20reps. 80kg 4+4
    Seated calf: 75kg 4+4

    Was so tired all day so I decided to skip abs and stepmachine today. Im 5kg away from a PR on dips so that PR will hopefully be broken before the end of the cycle depending on my weight.
  20. gbglifter

    gbglifter Member

    3rd session of the 4´s

    Deads: 155kg 4+4
    Military: 70kg 4+4
    Chins: BW+35kg 4+3. Pullups 9reps BW only.
    30 degree DB: 47.5kg 4+4
    Dips: BW+55kg 4+4
    Seated curls: 45kg 20reps. 90kg 4+4
    Stand calf: 110kg 4+4+4

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