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  1. Cross

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    Hello to you all.

    I am into the 7th week of hst now.

    I opted for the basic routine with a tweak figuring that would be the best baseline to judge things from. Other than switching out calf raises for conventional deadlifts I've stuck to the routine as written.

    The experience so far has been positive, and I've made what appears to be a common mistake and overestimated the 15rm weights a touch for a couple of lifts, but those are known quantities now moving forward.

    I would like to up the training frequency a touch possibly on the next cycle, certainly on the third. I was used to 4-5 days before and I will be honest, I miss it, the hard part is the waiting. I am thinking push/pull is how I want to go to get my squats and deadlifts a little bit of space between them.

    Anyway before I ramble way too much thanks for having me.
  2. mickc1965

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  3. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    There are lots of different setups or splits you could go for, Push/Pull, Upper Lower or even full body. Although I dont strictly use the HST protocol since moving to powerlifting my basic setup at the moment is

    Day 1
    Competition Squat
    Competition Bench
    Deadlift accessory ie SLDL

    Day 2
    Competition Dead lift
    Secondary Bench ie pause bench
    Competion squat (lower intensity and volume however than day 1)
    Some sort of row

    Day 3
    Secondary Squat ie pause squat or pin squat
    Competition Bench
    Competition Deadlift (lower intensity and volume than day 2)
    Vertical pull ie pull ups

    Day 4
    Secondary Deadlift ie pause deadlift
    Touch n Go bench
    Horizontal Row ie single arm row

    I then often have a 5th day depending on how im feeling or if I can fit it in where I do some fluffy bodybuilding stuff such as bicep curls, calf raises and abs with maybe 15 minutes cardio.
  4. Cross

    Cross New Member

    Hey folks.

    Thanks for the welcome, and the info.

    I will probably do what many have done and post a sample of what I plan for critique, but I will wait until I have a bit more free time to finish up there. Life gets in the way a lot these days.

    Browner, was figuring push pull would be the way I would go to up the frequency, I am however intrigued about full body splits. I am enjoying the overall feeling of effort after a session without the migrating agony of focused work. The overall dull ache is like a warm blanket. Is there an example you could guide me to? I am not the best at searching forums and apologise if it's right in front of my nose.
  5. Browner

    Browner Well-Known Member

    I think I could basic outline could be;

    Day 1

    Day 2
    Overhead Press
    A hamstring focused movement (GHR/SLDL/Leg Curl)

    Day 3
    Bench or Incline Bench
    Vertical Pull (Lat Pull Down/Pull Up/Chin up)

    Day 4
    Overhead Press
    Quad focused movement (Front Squat/Belt Squat/Hack Squat)

    You could use the basic programming to start with of;
    Week 1 & 2 = 1-2 sets of 15 Reps
    Week 3 & 4 = 1-2 sets of 10 Reps
    Week 5 & 6 = 2-3 sets of 5 Reps

    After week 6 if you would then have couple of options,
    • If you're feeling beat up tired, and not progressing take a SD
    • Keep increasing the weight until you stall then SD
    • Play with the volume, possible increasing the weight, dropping the reps and increasing the sets
    Hope this helps. You could add in the fluffy stuff like bicep curls, calf raises etc if you need and if it doesn't affect your recovery. However your arms should get plenty of stimulus from the rows and pressing movements. Unless you want to compete in bodybuilding I like to stick with compound movements as you get more bang for your buck, and will increase functional strength as well as size.

    There are others such as @Totentanz that could probably outline a better program than I can.

    What I would say though is that if you are going to go full body high frequency like this, then you may need to auto regulate the weight and volume slightly to avoid overly high fatigue levels.
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  6. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome Cross!
  7. Cross

    Cross New Member

    Thanks too mickc.

    Will have a look through your logs later.

    Cheers for the pointers browner.

    And thanks for the welcome, and the methodology Bryan.

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