How Much To Bulk? When To Start Cut?


I was ripped this past summer at 155lbs, in the fall, started dirty bulk with 3000-3400kcal daily... 190+g protein. SD'd over Xmas (but gained a few pounds as well!), gaining faster than my projection (wanted to add 20lbs by end of February).
So I'm at +20 lbs now... Noticeable belly fat (at 45 years old, not hard to do). Do I continue current trend/calories? Too soon to start cutting I think...
Adjust calories down slightly and continue?
My (optimistic) goal was to gain 20lbs, and cut 15 in the hopes that I put on 5lbs of muscle, so I was calculating 4 months to cut at 1lbs/week.

This is probably my most successful bulk to date (lifting 4 years).... No injuries, good intake and macros, new PR's and not getting cold/flu! So I want to maximize it as beat I can.
If you have already added over 20lbs and you continue to bulk then your goal of getting back down to 160 losing a lb a week will obviously take longer than 4 months so maybe it would be wise to maintain weight until the end of Feb then start your cut, personally I prefer to hit my 'summer' weight by the end of May.
Also you mention noticeable belly fat are you just referring to lack of visible abs or rolls forming?
Thanks for the reply mickc...
Yeah, I guess if I kept going until the end of February, I'd be well over 180, which means that much more to lose.
I'll gradually lower my daily kcal to find my maintenence and hold there until I'm ready to cut.
Also you mention noticeable belly fat are you just referring to lack of visible abs or rolls forming?
Lack of visible abs.... But there is certainly a layer of blubber there. The fat that I've put on is going mostly to my belly. Otherwise, I still look pretty well defined.
Just keep going. Gains won't always be linear, you should be more concerned with change over time. Keep in mind that water retention probably was different during sd also. Probably should have eaten maintenance during sd but a few lbs extra isn't a big deal.
Set a start point and an end point for time frame with regard to bulking. Track average change over time but don't get bothered by changes in bodyweight occurring as a curve or as peaks instead of a linear increase between the start and end point. Bodyweight changes are highly unlikely to be linear. As long as you are lifting as planned and eating calories to the amounts you have already determined, and as long as change over time is occurring, then there is no need to concern yourself with inconsistent changes, such as a smaller increase some weeks versus a larger than expected increase other weeks.