How's my cutting diet?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by jmed, Oct 30, 2013.

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    Hello, first of all, I have read the book and tried to adjust my diet as close as possible to the dietary guidelines. Unfortunately, I live in a dorm on an university campus so I do not have immediate access to high-quality food.

    I have skipped the basic cycles for intermediate cycles (A and B days) because I already have the muscle mass and strength from my football days. I'm currently on the second week of my first cycle. Yes, I already have noticed results. My body appears to be more defined and have lost two pounds in the first week.

    Also, since I am cutting, I run as an exercise on off-days. I usually burn about 250-300 calories running at least a 5k within 30 minutes.

    I weigh 195 pounds and 5'10" tall, so I believe my BMR is between 2145 to 2800 calories for maintaining weight. In order to lose consistently weight, I believe I must limit my calorie count to between 1545-2200 calories.

    I just want your feedback on my daily diet, keeping in mind that I am trying to lose weight via cutting and live in a dorm with no immediate access to high-quality food.

    Everyday, I consume:

    -4 scoops of Muscle Milk, 620 calories
    -1 scoop of creatine, 150 calories
    -a bowl of Total Raisin Bran cereal (breakfast) 200 calories
    -3 apples 195 calories
    -2 roast beef sandwiches* (lunch and dinner) 720 calories

    Total: 1885 calories

    My beverages are either a protein shake or water. I drink creatine during lifting.

    *Roast beef sandwich consists of 2 slices of roast beef, choice of cheese, and 2 white bread slices.

    I get 128 grams of protein from 4 scoops of muscle milk alone.

    So how does my cutting diet sound?

    I also have a second question, I'm concerned about the cost of protein. I literally consume the whole container of protein powder once each week, and they cost $21 each. I'm looking to lower the cost so it would be nice to have suggestions -or- I wonder if it is okay to reduce the 4 scoops I consume each day to 2 scoops each day (total of 64 grams of protein minimum each day and reduces my calorie consumption to 1,575 calories each day.)

    I know reducing the protein is taboo, but I am not as concerned about gaining muscle mass as I am concerned about losing weight. I'd like to have a well-defined appearance though, akin to having a sculpted look, not having massive muscles. Thoughts?

    So in the end, my questions were: How does my cutting diet look? And, is it okay to reduce the protein amount in attempt to save money?
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    Higher protein is more important when cutting than when you are trying to gain muscle. It actually requires less protein than most people think to gain muscle. But when cutting, more protein means you feel more sated throughout the day and it helps prevent muscle loss on a cut.

    Why not find alternative sources of protein? Can you at least cook some eggs for breakfast? An omelet with 5 whites and 2 yolks, some fat free cheese will end up with a lot of protein and little fat or carbs so low calories overall.
  3. Sci

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    Eggs are a great source of protein that don't cost a bundle. Though you'll have to eat mostly the whites and not eat all the yolks since you are cutting.
    It's really easy to boil a bunch of eggs and remove the yolks.
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    Totally agree about eggs being a great source of protein.

    Scrambling them removes a lot of the gastro issues some folks experience (at least anecdotally that's been the case from me).

    I wouldn't remove the yolks at all though. Fantastic lipids and vitamins-minerals in there, approximately half the protein is in there as well.

    Just cut fat elsewhere if that's scaring you. I get 30-20 p-f from them per day. If the missus didn't have cholesterol fears (proven to be false, but why push the point with the missus, am I right? :p), I'd probably bump that to more like 60-40 (8 eggs per day).

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