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Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by ChuckGrill, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. ChuckGrill

    ChuckGrill New Member

    Anyone ever try supersetting opposing muclegroups in a HST routine? HST has obvious benefits, and so does supersetting. Although I probably wouldn't do it during 5's, I'm curious as to it's effects on musclebuilding if added together. Would it help, hinder, or just allow the person to finish a workout in a shorter period of time?

    The last wouldn't be a bad idea, if the person has a limited amount of time to work out.

    Any thoughts?
  2. faz

    faz Active Member

    i would say the last..which is good [​IMG]
  3. berserk

    berserk Member

    With supersetting, along with reducing your workout time, you'll probably also burn a bit more fat and improve your cardio fitness.

    Even with 5s it's still quite managable.

    I'm actually about to do some time tests to find different ways of doing my workout using supersets. I will trial things like doing 2 reps of chins / 2 reps of shoulder press / repeat with no rest . . .instead of doing more consequtive reps. I wonder which method is the most time efficient?

    Also, with exercises such as standing dumbbell curls, I want to test out whether it's more time-efficient to alternate each arm, or to lift both simultaneously. I suppose I will have to test it by timing the set and going to failure and then comparing the total number of reps on each arm with both methods (and when fresh both times)
  4. I superset push and pull exercises in the 15s and early 10s. Once in the early 5s, I superset bench press and pull ups, because I was pressed for time. However, it is too hard in the late 10s and late 5s/negs for me to do.
  5. ChuckGrill

    ChuckGrill New Member

    I was thinking of supersetting opposing musclegroups, except for shoulders. I'd be doing more of a giant set there. Burning calories any way I can is something I'm definitely up for so I may just try it.

    Berserk, let me know how you do and what you come up with.

  6. Tradnyx

    Tradnyx New Member

    I'm supersetting, about 1/3 of my workout, which has more sets than most here (I like about 20-25 total reps, so the sets go up as the reps go down)..<P>It sure keeps the heart rate up, and on the final 2 workouts of the rep cycle, its can be very difficult, so I sometimes dont bother.    I dont like to stay longer than 50-60 minutes in the gym, because I have a wife/life/kiddies, so it suits me well.

    So far, so good, I'll post elsewhere about my situation and results, but it is working well for me.  I am shocked that I can train a muscle 3x in one week, and get it to grow so friggin fast, without a whole lot of DOMS...
  7. Fausto

    Fausto HST Expert


    Many of us superset, it allows for specialization (kinda mix & match) and saves you time, don't think it will hinder anything.

    On top of it, if you are using short rest periods, you will alos improve your aerobic resistance somewhat, I think it is a great way to train efficient and time saving [​IMG]
  8. 9to5lifter

    9to5lifter New Member

    I agree with Fausto. I normally superset to save time, but it may have the added benefit of increasing aerobic capacity (just maybe), as I find myself always trying to catch my breath.

    I don't believe that supersetting can make or break your gains. As I said, I superset in order to save time. After all, the load and the total TUL is what matters most, both being factors that are not directly affected by supersetting. I also remember Bryan mentioning in another thread that he almost always supersets to save time.

  9. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Supersetting is a great idea. I superset benching with rows and things like that, but I tend to leave squats or deadlifts alone. It's too difficult to superset those with anything when you are pushing or pulling a lot of weight.
  10. colby2152

    colby2152 New Member

    Supersetting squats and deadlifts is no fun.

    Trust me. [​IMG]
  11. Lol

    Lol Super Moderator Staff Member

    As soon as I finish a heavy set of squats or deads I am breathing pretty hard but about 20 seconds or so after I feel a strong desire to breath like a steam train. There's no way on earth that I would want to be doing anything else between those sets. Most other exercises you choose to superset should be a lot more manageable as fewer and smaller muscle groups are involved and the loads are generally lighter (with the exception of shrugs and calf raises, although their ROM is smaller).

    Still, as others have pointed out, it gets much harder to superset when the loads are heavy in the 5s, whatever exercises you do. But that's half the fun. [​IMG]
  12. ChuckGrill

    ChuckGrill New Member

    <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Supersetting squats and deadlifts is no fun.</div>

    Yeah, I could see how those 2 put back to back would be killer. I was moreso thinking of supersetting squats and sldl's rather than squat and regular deads though. 2 sets each, but now I'm wondering if 1 additional set of deads isn't a bad idea to include for legs. Just to give them a bit more oomph.
  13. Fausto

    Fausto HST Expert

    <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Supersetting squats and deadlifts is no fun.</div>

    I'd say its down right silly to be mild! It will sap most of your strength and that is not the way we do things! [​IMG]

    SLDL's and squats are an efficient mix as are squats and lunges (a.k.a. one legged squats).

    I am doing them one after the other, its just that it is a pain having to set up two bars, I workout at home so it ain't easy...but in a gym...anyday!
  14. Lol

    Lol Super Moderator Staff Member

    <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">I am doing them one after the other, its just that it is a pain having to set up two bars, I workout at home so it ain't easy...but in a gym...anyday! </div>
    Sadly, it is difficult in a lot of gyms too. Either they are too busy or they only have one squat rack and bar (which is the current situation at my gym).
  15. brisbanemick

    brisbanemick New Member

    I also like to superset, with a twist. At the moment my routine is as such,

    leg extension

    D/B fly

    Lat Pull
    B/O Row

    Military Press
    Lat Raise

    Supersaetting from the compound to the isolation, although lat pull &amp; rows are both compounds.

    Still useing the HST principles. I have found that incorporating the superset on an iso has benifited strength gains considerably.
  16. Fausto

    Fausto HST Expert


    I have tried that approach, it is good and I agree!

    In line with Vicious pimping of HST by the way!
  17. berserk

    berserk Member

    It almost becomes like a drop set if you are supersetting exercises of the same muscle groups though. For example, straight after squatting, the amount of weight you can do on leg extensions would be severely compromised!
  18. jwbond

    jwbond New Member

    if you are looking to save time try OG's idea. i have used it for over a month and like it a lot!

    for the 10s and 5s, use dropsets for your 2nd and 3rd sets, shooting for 15 total reps for each exercise....

    so for the 15s you just do your one set. the 10s you do 1 set of 10 reps, followed by a dropset of 5reps. 5s you do your 5reps, dropset of 5 reps, and a 3rd dropsset of 5 reps.

    it has saved me time AND i like the pump better too!
  19. robefc

    robefc New Member

    (berserk @ Jul. 26 2006,18:14)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">I'm actually about to do some time tests to find different ways of doing my workout using supersets. I will trial things like doing 2 reps of chins / 2 reps of shoulder press / repeat with no rest . . .instead of doing more consequtive reps. I wonder which method is the most time efficient?</div>
    I'm doing something similar, although this has come about because I'm working out max-stim style.

    So for bis and tris I will do right arm conc curl, left arm conc curl, right arm db extension, left arm db extension, repeat 19 times!

    I would like to dops and chins like this but it would only work if I dipped and chinned the same weight which I don't.

    If I was working out with conventional sets than I would just alternate sets...otherwise you're basically turning it into a max-stim style set.


  20. brisbanemick

    brisbanemick New Member

    Yeah, i also throw in an iso arm day into my weekly routine which consists of,

    preacher curls supersetted with skull crushers of same load

    S/A preachers supersetted with S/A tri pushdowns

    2 sets of each superset, and she's done. No more than 20 mins.

    Actually starting tomorrow, I'll be doing the same but dropsetting each exercise 3 times totalling 21 reps plus the superset.
    Hard on the wrists but get a massive pump on the guns.

    Iso arm day is only incorporated 1X per week throughout HST cycle.

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