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  1. jfitch

    jfitch New Member

    Calculator Key:

    [Exercise] = Use this column to fill in each exercise you will be using during your HST cycle

    [Inc] = Increment. Use this column to indicate how much you want the weight to increase for that exercise each workout.

    [RM] = Repetition Maximum. This is the most weight you can lift for the designated number of reps. For example, your 10 RM is the most weight you can lift 10 times.

    [6] = Place the indicated repetition maximum (RM) weight in this column for each exercise.


    1.  Be sure your Flash Player is updated to v.5 or later.

    2.  Fill in the exercises you plan to use in the left column designated “Exercises”

    3.  Fill in your 15,10,5, & 2 RMs for each exercise in the appropriate columns designated as workout number “6” for each rep range.

    4.  Fill in the desired increment you want to use from workout to workout in the column designated “Inc”.

    5.  Click “Calculate”

    6.  Adjust your printer’s settings for size (if you want it to print pocket-sized, etc.)

    NOTE: Sometimes the 15RM for some exercises does not allow the desired weight increment for 6 workouts (i.e., Day one of your 15s will say "0"). If the weights are too low for some exercises after you hit calculate, you can change them manually, simply by typing in the desired weight.  Do not hit calculate if you have changed any weights manually, as they will return to zeros.
  2. awesumguy

    awesumguy New Member

    I also found the calculator didnt like decimal points such as 2.5. I was using this for cable delt work and only wanted. Not a big deal but it would have been nice.
  3. Singleton

    Singleton New Member

    If I could save this in a text file, it would be really nice. I don't have a printer.

    Wouldn't be hard to do with a form submission to a server side program that could then return a text file.
  4. MrClean

    MrClean New Member

    It would also be great if we could download it in either pdf, or excel spreadsheet format. Just ideas. [​IMG]
  5. Esperantistino

    Esperantistino New Member

    Sorry.. at first sight it looked great, but I'm going to use my own spread sheet that can work with % increments.

  6. Laurent

    Laurent New Member

    I've only manage to download the flash file, but i'm figuring out how to export the values from the flash file to an excel worksheet.
  7. Abel

    Abel New Member

    how about sharing that spreadsheet? ;)
  8. Armitage

    Armitage New Member

    I've made a basic and advanced HST schedule table in Word. If someone could host it with a link I'll email it to them.
  9. Send me an e-mail, I'll up it to my website.
  10. Armitage

    Armitage New Member

    I just saw there's an attachment option here. Here's the basic schedule.
  11. Armitage

    Armitage New Member

    Here's the advanced schedule.
  12. I was a little bored yesterday, so I started programming my own HST calculator that understands decimals (done) outputs in excel format (done) and PDF format (to do).

    Alternative HST Calculator

    Other possible improvements:

    - Automatically ignore "blank" exercises when creating output
    - Exercise drop list (I am too lazy to type their names every time :D)
    - Some sort of session saving for past schedules history
    - Recording people's 15/10/5 rep max in a database for future use with rep max prediction

    Please test it out.
    If you have questions or want to report bugs or possible improvements just instant message me.
  13. Armitage

    Armitage New Member

    Hey, that's pretty cool. How'd you do that?

    You think you could make a special HST max calculator?
  14. eh, i dunno...
    i am now in the process of figuring out my maxes and i thought that if i had some sort of database with all the 5/10/15 rep maxes other people used for their routines then this procedure of guessing my maxes would be easier... and if the hst calculator recorded that data automatically with each use i could then generate some neat statistical data in a nice graph for everybody as reference

    eh, i hope i made sense ^_^
  15. majutsu

    majutsu New Member

    Wow these calculators are great! Any improvements in a while?
  16. bodyguard

    bodyguard New Member

    you have done a great job giacomo,

    but what if my 5th take 4 weeks, how can I make it than?

  17. mjohns2

    mjohns2 New Member

    I'm a little lost. Whats the 1, 2, 3, 4,5 and 6 stand for? Are these days? So I'd have to work out 6 days a week?
  18. I posted this in another thread, but it would probably be better off here :)

    I used the calculator at http://giacomo.mindstorm.it/hst_calc.php to generate an excel spreadsheet, and then I made some changes to it. The spreadsheet has two tabs. The first tab calculates the weight increments by pounds. The second sheet calculates by percentages. To use it, you just put in your max weight and increments for each exercise, and the weights for each exercise will autoupdate. It will also calculate the warmups by percentage for the 10s and 5s reps.

    The nice thing is that it rounds to the closest pounds that you put in the "pounds to round", so you don't end up with weird weights like 68 or 71 Suggestions for improvement are welcome!

    One last thing, if you open the spreadsheet and the warmup section has a bunch of '#####' signs, you need to add the analysis formula pack. To do this, you just go to "Tools", then "Add-Ins", and then check the "Analysis Toolpak" and click ok.

    You can download the spreadsheet by following this link:

  19. owilson

    owilson New Member

    I would really like to be able to download the calculator program in a savable format so that I don't have to keep adding in the numbers and can just keep changing the numbers when I need to. Is this possible?
  20. volatile

    volatile New Member

    Can I get some caluclation help?

    Do you have any other formulas I can use to get my maxes?

    Here's an exmaple, last week I did DB Incline bench.
    On the first set I was able to get 8 reps w/some gas left in the tank.
    The second set I was able to get barely 6 reps, the third set I got 6 reps at failure.
    (Keep in mind, before I took a break I used to able to get 3 sets of 65 for 5 reps)
    Knowing this, is there anyway I can calculate my 5, 10, 15 rep maxes?

    How about squats?
    Last week I did 260 for 7 reps on the 1st set, 265 for 6 reps on the 2nd set, and 265 for 5 reps at failure for the 3rd set.
    How can calculate 5,10, 15 rep maxes?

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