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    Until a few months ago, my metabolism had been damaged to the point where I would gain weight @ 1800kcal/day. Even while lifting and doing cardio. Over several months, I began to repair it by continuing with my HST program and s l o w l y adding calories to where I was able to keep my weight virtually static for about a month at 2900kcal/day. Needing to shed fat, Totentanz suggested Intermittent Fasting, but I didn’t think the fast/feed schedule would work very well for me, so I dismissed it. Instead, I decided to cut back to 2200kcal/day and accordingly dropped my lifting volume (while maintaining intensity) to 2/3 of what I had been doing. My weight would go down about a pound from Monday to Friday, but over the weekend, even with being careful, but not weighing/measuring, I would gain back that pound. This continued for several weeks. Not wanting resort to cardio just yet, 10 days ago I decided to look at IF again. To complement my lifting schedule, I decided to fast from 7pm-11am and feed from 11am-7pm (lifting 5-6pm). I also decided to drop my daily calories by another 300. The weight (hopefully fat only) has been dropping daily and I was down 2.4lb the first week, which IMO is just a bit too much. So I added back 100kcals and the scale number was still going down for a total loss of 5lb in 10 days. I’m upping the cals another 100 to 2100/day. Since I’m having to increase the cals to slow down the weight loss, I assume it’s the IF that is responsible for moving the scale. I’ll continue to adjust calories until I get a consistent 1-2lb weekly loss. Hopefully, this will keep the loads from stalling/falling.

    IF seems to be working for me. It’s not been difficult since I was never a big fan of breakfast even though I’d been eating it for the last several years when I was practicing the 4-6 meals per day schedule. Sure, I’m a little hungry by 11am, but it’s been worth it to see the scale moving downward consistently now. So thanks very much for the suggestion, Tot!

    My HST program is the typical 6-day mini cycle, but skipping the 15’s while in a deficit and incorporating myo-reps.

    10’s & 5’s: 80% - 80% - 85% - 90% - 95% - 100% consisting of Squats, Barbell Shrugs, Incline BP, Overhead barbell press (seated), Rows, Pullups, Triceps pushdowns, and Preacher curls (no fives). Target myo-reps are 15 for the 10’s by day 6 and 10 for the 5’s by day 6. The other 5 days for each mini cycle are as many myo-reps as I can get with two pauses. If I can increase past 100% RM, I do, and when I can’t achieve any more load, I use those max weights to plan my next cycle.

    It’s hard to believe, but it seems diet actually IS the key to building a better body.
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    Gaining and losing a single lb, ~440gms over a 3-4 day period sounds like pure water movement to me. Hell, throw in your bowels and I'd saying more or less 0 lbm is being added//lost.

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