Importance of Safety!

Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by Guest, Feb 8, 2004.

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    A friend once said to me, "You're 'spotphobic'", because I would actually wait for him to come over before I'd do any benching. Then I pointed out that something like 500 people a year DIE doing bench presses without spotters! Not to mention all those who just get hurt. You should have seen his face. And if you've ever been trapped under 240 pounds alone in the house, you don't just feel pretty dumb, you also spend ten minutes trying to wriggle out, and end up twisting your back all out of shape. :confused: Then I had the pleasure of laying around for 3 weeks and shrinking away everything I'd just built up over the past few months while I waited for it to heal. Moral of the story- if you get injured, you'd have been better off just being a couch potato to begin with. And I won't even go into what I did to my shoulder while just being a tough guy and working out when I was tired and unfocused. So stay safe! :)
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    Good point. I feel like a complete pansy asking someone for a spot when I'm doing a whole 115 pounds on close-grips, but I've gotten stuck under 105 pounds once, and that was more embarrassing than asking for a spot! [​IMG]
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    LOL Hey, I don't think anyone here started out benching 300. And neither did anyone at your gym. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks or is doing on their lifts. I've been known to grunt and groan under 100 lbs on drop sets. And yes, people look at me like I'm green when I do that because I weigh 220 lol, but they don't know I just did 12 straight sets starting with 400, so forget them! :D

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