Is training 2 days in a row ok?

Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by imported_gtimmons, May 6, 2003.

  1. Hello, I'm new to HST. I have a very unpredictable and hectic work schedule. I would like to maintain a Mon, Wed, Fri training schedule, but may have to work out on conescutive days occasionally.
    For example Mon, Tues, and Fri. Is this ok ? I'm a little leary on training the same muscle two days in a row. Please advise.
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    When you load a muscle with weights, it produces a signal which causes that muscle to grow. But this growth occurs over the first 32-48hrs only. the monday, wednesday, friday approach works well because you load the muscle again as soon as it stops growing. Thereby creating a situation where the muscle is pretty much always growing during the week and have the weekend off.
    In terms of producing a growth signal, training Mon, Tue, Friday will probably do the same job.

    In terms of CNS recovery issues, it really depends on how intense your workouts are. If you go too near failure on the monday, your tuesday workout will suffer a bit. That also depends on your training volume.

    For the past 4 weeks (15s, 10s and now into my 1st week of 5s) i have been training 6x per week as an experiment. I alternate two very abbreviated routines. I avoid failure like the plague, and i only do 1 set. So far everything is going very well.

    So i personally dont think that training Mon, Tue, Friday (using your example) will necessarily be a problem. Although it really depends on the workout intensity/volume.
  3. Thanks Stevie, that advice makes a lot of sense. :) I will go forward then.
  4. Ok Stevie,
    Now you've got to tell us what those two abreviated routines are! Please?
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    Yeah, Stevie. I'm curious as well. I've been thinking about doing something familiar, but only 5 days a week. I believe Micmic is currently doing a program like this.
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    ok here it is:

    Mon, Wed, Fri:
    weighted Dip
    weighted Chin
    Standing DBCalf

    Tue, Thur, Sat:
    BB Inc press
    1 arm DB row
    BB curl
    Seated calf

    im alternating squat, stiff leg deads and legpress every day to help avoid over doing the lower back etc. that seems to be working well. The leg press i stick with 15+ reps throughout the cycle and go only for a burn (i just wanted to try it for 'fun'. There is no kind of higher logic to it.)

    I do some abs...just regular crunches until i feel a nice burn, whenever i feel like it...usually twice a week.

    increment ~5% but i repeat workouts.
    dips, mon:20kg, wed:20kg, fri:25kg, mon:25kg

    a totally linear progression, but i was carefull to make sure that my prescribed 15, 10 and 5RMs were lower than my true RMs.

    ive been doing 1set only. but now im in the 5s, im going to start drop sets and see how it goes.

    ive been eating close to the 'eating for size' outline. approx 2,400 kcal daily total. Ive been gaining lean and some fat.
    I am natural. I dont take creatine (although im thinking about it for the future). I supplent pre and post workout with whey mixed with maltodextrin (pre: 20g protein, 15g carb. post: 20g protein, 75g carb)
    Details will be posted in the results thread when i complete my cycle (in about 4 weeks).

    I train at about 7.30am. Workouts last about 20mins (including 5min warmup on bike) After dinner at about 7pmish i go for a brisk 20-40mins walk...mainly just for fresh air.

    I show no symptoms of overtraining. Everymorning i wake up fresh, keen and excited at the prospect of an efficient workout.

    I used to be a true HITer! If i told myself last year that i would be doing something like this now, i would not have believed it. I had a hard time training twice a week at the intensity i was working at with HIT. I would typically wait 5 days between full body, abbreviated workouts. I really did need that time to recover.
    My recovery abilities are average. I have only managed to train every day because i have dramatically reduced intensity.
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    it just dawned on me that this is supposed to be a basic training, princlipes and methods post. As such, i should probably not have posted the previous post here. If you are a beginner to HST, or do not understand the principles, then i do not advise my routine. Get some HST cycles under your belt before you start tinkering with the HST suggested guidlines.
    Mine is simply an experiment.

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