It's like meat...sort of.

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Bryan Haycock, May 10, 2005.

  1. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    CSPI Sues Quorn, Whole Foods

    May 10, 2005

    The U.S. Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is suing Quorn Foods and Whole Foods Market over what it calls a dangerous food additive.

    The center, which wants a Texas court to require warning labels on Quorn packages and on Whole Foods' freezer cases, has been urging the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to more closely regulate Quorn and its retailers.

    The center also wants its suit to be certified as a class-action case.

    Quorn, sold in Britain since 1995, was introduced in the U.S. in 2002 as a healthy alternative to meat. Its packaging calls the main ingredient "mycoprotein," which the label describes as being related to mushrooms, morels and truffles.

    However, the center says mycoprotein is made from a fungus and is more akin to mildew than mushrooms. It says companies grow this fungus in giant vats, harvest it and process it to resemble chicken or ground beef.
  2. BoSox

    BoSox New Member

    sounds delicious. Not. Looks like I'll stick to chicken, salmon, and beef.
  3. xahrx

    xahrx New Member

    Has the FDA nothing better to do?
  4. Al and Hammer

    Al and Hammer New Member

    Always thought there was something fundamentally wrong with veggie food resembling meat... :confused:
  5. Dood

    Dood New Member

    Um, I'd rather they kept me from eating mold without my knowledge, so...
  6. Rangerbob

    Rangerbob New Member

    Food company based in the UK = Immediately suspect in my book

    Yet another exciting menu item from the country that brought you kidney pie, marmite and blood pudding. Wait till they send over Frey Bentos pies, the only known grocery item that can survive a direct hit from a Minuteman IIIg ICBM. [​IMG]

  7. xahrx

    xahrx New Member

    They were letting customers know it was made from fungus. As long as it's safe and not killing people, does it really matter what type?
  8. Dood

    Dood New Member

    "However, the center says mycoprotein is made from a fungus and is more akin to mildew than mushrooms. "

    Since some people have severe allergies to mold/mildew, it could make people sick. I think they have the right to know. I like to know what I'm putting in my mouth, but that's just me.
  9. xahrx

    xahrx New Member

    A reasonable point, but it's easily solved: eat real meat.
  10. Catalonia

    Catalonia New Member

    I'm more concerned about the lack of regulation of real meat? What about the crazy hormones, antibiotics, and steroids they feed the cows.. I have no clue what quorn is putting in their food product..but if we seriously care, I'm pretty sure mad cow, or the system that produces our milk and meat is slightly more dangerous to us all than any of these mold related illnesses..not that they should be overlooked. Either way.. it's a weird story.
  11. Ahhh yes, they also pioneered the method of feeding sheep to cows.
  12. Rangerbob

    Rangerbob New Member

    Ah, so that's where mutton flavored milk comes from.

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