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Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by JonnyG11, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. JonnyG11

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    It's good to be back.

    I experimented with HST around 2003-5. Lots has happened since then but HST has been on my mind a while now so I'm jumping back in. I'm looking forward to gaining / regaining muscle. I won't go too much into my story but I'm down under 140lbs now at 5'6. I've bulked as high as 165 in the past doing things like Dan John's Mass Made Simple (grueling) and a few other variants of heavy wave loading. The sad part was I didn't maintain that weight for long at all. Life happened and I lost my gains as quickly as they occurred.

    Anyway, I tested my 15RMs yesterday and I plan to test another rep range tomorrow. I'm wondering if I only test 5's could I then just calculate the 10s? This would give me 2 more days of SD based on my start date.

    Also, probably over thinking this but wondering if things like Feldenkrais/Somatics are ok during SD?

    For now, my goal is a lean 165 but I'm finally ok with smoothing out a bit first to get there.

  2. Old and Grey

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    There are rep calculators on line and you can guesstimate them as well. However, as you are starting after after 10+ years, I would take the extra day and determine them without guesswork.

    Feldenkrais/Somatics should not interfere with SD.
  3. JonnyG11

    JonnyG11 New Member

    Thanks. Well, I've still been training.. just not HST. I'll see how the weekend goes and reassess.
  4. JonnyG11

    JonnyG11 New Member

    I'm going with the following A/B split for the first cycle.

    A Squat
    A Bench
    A UH Pulldown
    A Chest Supported Row

    B Deadlift
    B OH Press
    B Dips
    B Barbell Curls

    Should I stick with 2 sets across the board or run 3 sets when I get to the 5's?
    I've also seen 2 sets for 15s, 3 for 10s, and 4-5 for 5s.

  5. adpowah

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    So to answer how you should scale your sets/reps will depend on a handful of factors:
    • What was your previous cycles' training intensities and volumes like?
    • Would moving to 2 sets each represent a large reduction in volume compared to your previous training?
    • How many "hard" sets a week can you recover from?
    • How many times a week are you training?
    • What are your goals other than hypertrophy?
    Regardless of your answers above I think if you want to stick with that A/B split you need to add in some accessory work (4 lifts just isn't very many) or workout daily. If you stick with 2 sets your accessory work should continue throughout the cycle, if you ramp up your primary lifts you should scale down your accessories.
  6. JonnyG11

    JonnyG11 New Member

  7. JonnyG11

    JonnyG11 New Member

    I've decided to add a few things here and reassess after this round.

    I added Skullcrushers, Single Calf Raises and straight sets of Reverse crunches w extension.

    Will reassess the accessories after this round of mastering the basics.

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