Leg Press for Calf Raises

Discussion in 'Commercial Equipment' started by Insane_Man, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. Insane_Man

    Insane_Man New Member

    My gym has a Hammer strength 45 degree incline leg press machine. Previously I always used their v-squat machine for doing calves, but on Friday it was busy with a couple guys that were doing like 100 sets, so I decided to try out the leg press instead. My calves got a great workout and I can tell you that I'll never go back to the V-squat.

    I've never actually used a Leg press machine, I prefer just to do real squats, so it took a little getting used to; for example, I didn't realize I had to lock the weight when I wanted to stop, and dang near crushed myself on my first set [​IMG]

    Although, I do feel kind of silly loading up over 1000 lbs, but it wasn't much better on the v-squat machine, there I was around 600.
  2. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    I agree, the leg press is my favorite for calves. There are also a few machines specifically for calves that let you sit with legs straight, down at about a 30 degree angle. They're nice because they place the load right at the top of the but and the toes. It takes the low back completely out of it, unlike doing calves on a smith machine.
  3. Insane_Man

    Insane_Man New Member

    Yeah, I've tried one of those machines. It was at a crappy health clubbish gym though (I got a week free there over my february break), and it seemed cheap. I hardly felt it at all in my calves, couldn't get a good stretch going at the bottom because my feet kept slipping, it was abysmal.

    I would certainly be open to using a different brand of calf machine in the future though, but right now the leg press is where it's at :)

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