Lifting Goals & Personal Record Log


Deads: 280kg
Squats: 200kg
Bench: 160kg


Deads: 245kg
Squats: 165kg
Bench: 142.5kg

Squats won't happen w/the knee. Bench has already happened. Deads are 5kg away. Depending on knee consult w/specialist this afternoon, could be good news, could be bad.
Today's PRs:

Sumo Dead:
405lb x 1

205lb x 5

All at 171-172lb @ 5'8". Deadlift didn't feel like a true max so goal-wise, I'll be happy at anything higher than 415lb by the end of December.

As for bench, not at my goal yet as I spent some time reprogramming but I'm pretty close. We'll see how things go.
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Well, hit 415lb today. Like I said in my log, I had another guy record it and watched the video. Definite thoracic rounding, which is okay, but I can't confirm or deny lumbar rounding until I get the video myself. But I suppose I'll count it. For now, I'm gonna start trying some form alterations to minimize rounding.

Regardless, I want my next PR to be with a more neutral spine. So I'm going to keep focusing on that. So I'll move the goal up to 430lb+ by Jan 1st.

Benched 210lb x 4. I KNOW I have 5 reps in me, considering bar speed. I always end up pinned on the 5th rep due to stability issues. Pisses me off. May repeat again on Fri. If I get 210lb x 5, I should hit my goal of 215lb x 5 by Jan 1st.

Currently weigh 173lb at 5'8". Will keep riding the wave to 180lb-185lb and then probably start a good 20-30lb cut. I've always been great at losing weight...never good at gaining it. Maybe I picked up a tapeworm a couple of years ago lol.
@TangoDown - Neutral spine doesn't happen for deadlift PR's. Neutral =/= natural, especially for anyone with a long torso (in relative terms). Long arms and short torso? Sure. But you have long torso and shorter legs - not all of us can be Ed Coan, I certainly can't.

Keep progressing load and managing volume as before. You've smashed PR's in the last four weeks, don't stuff it up now.

I can do 240kg with a neutral spine, but that's only now and only because my 1RM is now 275kg. There was nothing neutral about it when 240kg was my 1RM.
lol I'm getting conflicting messages from everywhere.

How's about I get that video and post it here and then you can tell me if it's good to go? Hopefully I'll get it soon.
"lifters bend over significantly and don’t appear to rely on any leg drive whatsoever to accomplish these pulls, and yet they’re some of the strongest deadlifters that the world has seen."

Sounds like me. Very little leg drive. Much back in the pull despite sumo.

I get the vid and if you greenlight the amount of rounding, I'll stop fretting and pull 500lb+ next year.
Oh, I also want a 305lb squat by the end of the year, since I just started squatting again a couple of weeks ago (first time really focusing on sitting back), and would prefer a 315lb squat by the end of the year. Weak, I know, but it's a decent goal for never squatting. Did doubles with 250lb last week which would theoretically be ~85% 1RM weight, so I'm not TOO far away. But we'll see. Gonna keeping try to push to a true 85% while letting neural adaptation slowly get me there. Probably add 5lb a week until shit gets real tough.
430lb x 1 Sumo Deadlift complete (PR + 15lb) @ 175lb. Don't think lockout wasn't completely competition legal but this was my second attempt of the session with 430lb (fell forward first attempt) so I'll count it.

I'll see if I can't pull 440lb (200kg) sometime in January before my cut begins, but this was my year-end goal so pretty happy. 500lb may very well be on the table for me in Jan '16.
Did Sumo DL 400lb x 2, x 2, x 2, x 2, x 1 today. First time using 400lb for work sets so I'd consider this a milestone. Gonna test 1RM after next week's deload.

Think I'm closing in on 180lb.
Sumo Deadlift: 450lb (204.117kg) x 1 @ 176-177lb. [20lb PR]

This was after pulling 440lb (200kg, 10lb PR). Didn't get to film. Think I lost some lumbar tightness on the pull but this was done on less than 5 hours of sleep w/ nighttime cold medicine (antihistamine, which hampers sleep quality as is).
Benched 225lb, accidentally loaded up 250lb on the bar and failed, benched 235lb, and then benched 240lb with the spotter's hands on the bar...probably shouldn't count that...

Squatted 265lb x 6. Probably had another rep in me.

240lbs if they didn't do anything counts.

Excellent work mate.

Extremely proud of your DL progress. Lifting 5kg more than me right now ;)
I think I have it in me clean had I not loaded up 250lb instead of 240 and followed that up with a rep of 235lb.

Thanks man! Your programming and advice got me that 450 pull. And yeah, this is probably the ONLY time I'll be as strong as you in something for a long while lol.

Anyway, check out my new log and let me know how I should handle programming for my cut and future bulk and where I could possibly fit incline bench into the equation.
Hit a new PR on deadlift yesterday. 450 x 1 @ BW of 160. Leaner and stronger!!

I hit a bit of a sticky point right below my knee but I managed to lean back and get it. I had my buddy watching to ensure it was a 100% legal, he confirmed, the bar never moved downward at all. Once I locked it out, I decided I would hold it for about 15 seconds just because... and to make sure it knew that I won. I then lowered it back to the floor slowly. At BW of 160 I'm approaching 3x BW.

Next goal is 495.

Dead - 300kg (Monday two days ago)
Squats - 190kg (last week)
Bench - who cares?
OHP - 100kg
Front squat - 120kg


Dead - 320kg (700lb mark)
Squats - 220kg
Bench - still not caring
OHP - 120kg
Front squat - 150kg

Hopefully the deadlift and squats won't take too long. OHP will depend on shoulder happiness (should drastically improve when new mattress comes in). Front squat I envisage coming fairly soon.
Thought I would post in this thread @Lol started to get it moving again so we can hopefully motivate, inspire and support each other in our goals. Also to get some more traffic in this forum as I think @mickc1965 has been single handily keeping it going at times ;)

So i'll get the ball rolling again;

  • Current bodyweight 101kg. Goal.... meh. Im competing in the 105kg weight class in my next powerlifting meet so just stay under that.
  • Current Squat 205kg
  • Current Bench 150kg
  • Current (conv) Deadlift 250kg
  • Total 605kg
Goals are;
  • Increase my total if possible to 620kg. This is the qualifying total to get into the British Powerlifting Champs with GBPF
  • Place in a regional Powerlifting meet