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I think you guys may be taking a literally general guideline from a two-point system a bit seriously. What about the 3 body types, ecto, endo, and mesomorph. I've seen fat guys with thin wrists and vice-versa. And as I said before, age factor, and what about genetics as well?
It's just a general guide, that's all it can be. I couldn't possibly grow to the proportions indicated, and I'm OVER the mark on a couple others.
Yeah, I think it's fun to look at though, to see where I vary in comparison to the ideal. It's interesting. Maybe I was meant to be a sprinter instead of a lifter? Also, I think this calculator sort of represents the genetic elite anyway, so attaining surpassing all of those measurements naturally would probably not be very likely.
That seems awefully wrong to me :| Im 16 years of age, in my first cycle of HST and never done any other workout before. I currently have 13-13.5" (measured from the highest point as usual) arms without any previous training and according to that the max i am able to attain would be 15.9" arms!

its amusing never the less
haha, or maybe i just dont know enough to make any judgements yet?
Just remember, this calculator is assuming that you would be at 8% bodyfat for the final measurements. You can lose a lot of size while cutting down to 8%, since fat will make everything seem bigger.

Anyway, this thing is just a nice measuring stick to compare yourself against. Maybe it can help you set goals. For instance, I am now doing an upper body specialization cycle because my legs are at what this calculator gives as my max size, while upperbody apparently has a lot to gain still.
That's all it is for. Don't get discouraged by it.
Enter your wrist size (inches):  7.25
Enter your ankle size (inches):  11.5
Enter your height (inches):  68.5

Predicted Maximum Stats at 8% Bodyfat
Lean body weight: 229.9
Chest Size (inches): 52.3
Upper Arms Size (inches): 16.7
Forearms Size (inches): 13.4
Neck Size (inches): 16.54
Thighs Size (inches): 29.9
Calfs Size (inches):  20.2

Now i doubled checked the measurements. I have always had a great leg strength, being able to do a horizontal leg press 100lbs in 5th grade. I just wish i had a little more genetic potential in my arms. I am kinda doubtful though. I think my arms can get bigger than that. I think I can hit that within 5 years time if not less.
My forearms are 11 inches and my biceps are 13 inches. Kinda cool since last measurement was around 11.5-12 a couple monthes ago
(NeeBone @ Jul. 10 2006,09:23)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Another thing ... bone density increases as you gain muscle - to what degree and wouldnt that change the measurements used in the calculator?</div>
Density has nothing to do with thickness. If you have 6 inch wrists and over time, they become more dense, they are still going to be 6 inch wrists. The only difference would be there is more bone mass within the same given area.
I haven't been lifting all that long and I am at or above on some measurements, and way below on some others. I agree that the leg projections(esp. thigh) tend to be skimpy...either that or we are all storing alot of invisible fat on the thighs..(probably!)

Height- 72&quot;
wrist- 7.25&quot;
ankle- 9&quot;

Lean mass- 200 lb.s
Chest -48&quot; (need 5 inches here...that would be awesome!)
Upper arm -17.5&quot;(need 2&quot; here)
forearm-14&quot;(need 1&quot; here)
neck-17&quot; (already there!)
thigh- 24.5&quot; (need 1/2&quot;, but like I said alot of hidden fat is stored on thighs)
calf- 16.5&quot; (need 2&quot; here)
BTW, you are supposed to measure at the absolute smallest part of wrist and ankle...not on the ankle bone! It looks like Cova messed up....unless he has huge bones in his legs, there is no way he has 11.5&quot; ankles and can get 30&quot; thighs at 8% bodyfat....(that kid drives me nutz!)
what! cova get or give misleading way.

anyway, about your prev. post of being at or above on some meas. yet you havent been lifting long. i go along with what totz said back in july, 8% is real lean especially if your carrying enough mass to have 17.5&quot; arms at 8%. some do have indiv body parts that are strong points but of course they are usually offset by a number of other areas that need work. from what ive read so far, you seem well on your way to achieving your goals though.
Here's my stats as per the calculator:

Height : 65.35” / Wrist : 6.5” / Ankle : 9.05”

Predicted Maximum Stats at 8% Bodyfat

Lean body weight : 174.7 (Now 156 @19% BF)
Chest Size (inches) : 43.8 (42.51) need 1.28&quot;
Upper Arms Size (inches) : 15.2 (15.35) over by 0.15&quot;
Forearms Size (inches) : 12.1 (11.81) need 0.29&quot;
Neck Size (inches) : 14.99 (15.35) over by 0.36&quot;
Thighs Size (inches) : 23.5 (22.83) need 0.67&quot;
Calfs Size (inches) : 15.9 (15.6) need 0.3&quot;

I could say HST is definitelly doing it for me, chest being the worst I only need 1.28&quot; there, since I got my dip contraption recently I'll catch up pretty soon.

If I catch up to that weight though, I'll be way over the calculatoir in everything

According to some sources 1&quot; on biceps frop every 15 Lb body weight, if I add teh BF at 8% I'll have 188.68 which is 32.67 pounds that I need, that is almost 2 inches on the bi's, I've always wanted 17&quot; guns, guess I'll have to work on it!

Thanks to HST - grrrrreat!
Within 2 months of starting training my legs were already at calculated max sizes. They're just so damned fast at putting on weight. However my upper body is somewhat lagging behind in comparison (not that I'm aiming for some of those measurements on my upper body)!
Enter your wrist size (inches): 7
Enter your ankle size (inches): 9
Enter your height (inches): 71.5

Lean body weight: 196
Chest Size (inches): 47.2
Upper Arms Size (inches): 16.9
Forearms Size (inches): 13.5
Neck Size (inches): 16.66
Thighs Size (inches): 24.5
Calfs Size (inches): 16.5
According to this chart, I'm currently at my maximum size and dimensions. However, I'm currently in the process of bulking up after triathlon season, and prior to my last slim down I was already bigger than what the chart considers to be my maximum size.
I'm assuming these are all supposed to be flexed measurements?

I've always been confused on how you are supposed to measure your thighs. Do you measure the largest part of the thigh (up near the groin) or the middle of the thigh? I've heard some say to measure 4&quot; above the knee for thighs. So which is it? Because in my case it can make quite a bit of difference depending on where I measure.
I think the consensus is to measure at the point where the circumference is largest. That's what I do anyway. A 26&quot; leg just above the knee would be heooge up near the groin.
(abanger @ Oct. 06 2008,10:19)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Is there any way to leverage this algorithm to calculate the weight @ which relative strength is maximized?</div>
I read the article

[3] Butt, Casey "Your Maximum Muscular Bodyweight and Measurements," The WeighTrainer Magazine, Issue No. 3.

that was presented under the references. The calculator that is described in this article can be found at the site Strangely, the predictions made my this algorithm and the hst algorithm are quite different: 204.4 (hst) vs 219.2 pounds (casey butt). Does anyone have an explanation for this 15 pound difference?
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I plugged in my numbers and got 169.3 lbs for the HST calculator and 171.4 lbs for the other. Though the individual body part measurements do vary quite a bit between them.

I’ve already exceeded the thigh measurement the HST calc gives though I attribute that to genetics as I’ve always had strong legs.
Wrist: 6.5
Ankle: 8.25
Height: 70 inches

BW @ 8% BF: 176.9 (current 173.8 @ ~14% BF?)
Chest: 44 (42)
Upper Arm: 15.9 (14.25)
Forearm: 12.7 (11.75)
Neck: 15.69 (15.75)
Thigh: 22.6 (21)
Calf: 15.3 (13.75)

I've got some serious work to do, but this is an interesting and seemingly scientific way to set goals.