My proud diet [20+ hours spent] Rate it! :)

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by ZartoK, Jan 4, 2012.

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    Hey man, I read your post and joined specifically to reply.In my opinion the diet is well set up in lengains IF style. But I think there is no need for such drastic calory/carb cycling between WO and non-WO days. You already have the benefits of improved insulin sensitivity and leptin boosting from just following the 16/8 schedule, so I think cutting to 1400 cals is too much. I'd personally go with 2100/2300 or 2000/2400 kCal - the difference coming from pre/post workout carbs. My main point is to increase flexibility, take pressure off and relax and enjoy more. Another thought - I notice you don't eat any vegetables. I'd add that because it's the only certain way of getting micro-nutrients, it's good for pooping and keeps you full. Anyway I'm curious, are you really following the list to the letter? Is that practically possible? How are you progressing towards your goals?Cheers
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    Hello dedokole, nice of you to make an account in order to reply.
    Thanks man, but this is 3 months old, so there has been some changes towards the diet. Here is the new version:
    As you mentioned, I changed so there is only 500kcal diffrence, works a lot better, and it is a lot easier to consume and follow.
    I'm currently at 1811/2304, I see, but the diffrence here is not just carbs, its a cycle of fat intake as well, almost no fat work-days and lots of fat, but no carbs the non-workoutday. How would you alter this? I've read about If at
    Hmm, I though broccoli was vegetable, hehe. I eat 500g of it every day atm. Also, broccoli got 90% of every vitamin, it is so awesome.
    Good question, my friend, I have to confess. I follow this to the letter every weekday, but in the weekends, I am eating some bad stuff, hehe. But since the 2 last weeks, I've been following this to the letter (proud), and it looks like the progress is great anyways. The last 1,5 month I went down 0,5% bodyfat and 1kg bodyweigth, slow and stedy! If you are interested, there is some pictures / measurements / progress at my blog:

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