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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by VIPER, May 24, 2004.

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    Just a couple more things to add:

    Today while I was working out, I noticed that my rep speed may have been just a little quick. I timed each set I did to make sure I was getting the full benefit and making each one as long as Lyle suggested in his book. The workout was 15 minutes longer than my other depletion workouts which isn't much longer and I feel I used each set to my full benefit, well worth the extra time.

    I also started using the George Forman fat grilling machine. Seriously, one great little machine! I was really starting to get grossed out by rubbery microwaved chicken. The little extra time and cleaning using the grill is worth it, and it made me enjoy chicken again.

    I also saw Chris Cook at the gym today. He's seem to be looking a good deal larger than last year, and pretty ripped too. I think he might be dieting down for the NPC USA Championships this year but not sure.
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    Hey VIPER,

    I just want to let you know i am following your progress, and enjoying your reports. I appreciate hearing the emotional effects of the diet on you. Plus of course the physical.

    Great Stuff! :) :D [​IMG]

  3. VIPER

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    Thanks JWJ, I appreciate it! I'll try to keep the info coming as best as I can.

    It seems to me that this week the diet is easier to adhere to than the previous week. This is most likely because I know what I am going to eat and getting the hang of the diet is easier as times goes on. The start of my carb load is tomorrow night which I'm looking forward too. I keep looking in my cupboards to see what kinds of foods will help me out. Last week I didn't really have to buy any specific foods for the carb load because we normally have a lot of carb based foods anyway. I see a whole lot of pasta I can eat and I love it too, so that may my best bet. I don't work on Saturday either so I think it may be easier for me to eat more often. I'm also going to eat some cereal for sure. I'm craving it for some reason. It seems like I always have room in my appetite for cereal, and the cereal we have in our house is normally really good (good tasting, some not so good for ya). Hopefully my appetite will be as big as I hope it will. This time I'm determined to meet my carb up goals. I'll post again Saturday and let everyone know how it's going.
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    Alright, the infamous carb load is today. Right now I'm snackin' on a box of pasta I cooked this morning which is plain with a little bit of cheese. I figured I probably need a good 3 boxes or so to get the amount I need throughout the day. I already ate a lot of other stuff like chili and some foods containing fructose. It was funny, my family was trying to figure out why I'm eating pasta in the morning and why I am eating so much when I'm trying to loose weight. I described it too them breifly but it didn't seem like they completely understood, but didn't really expect them to anyway.

    The workout yesterday went better than last weeks. I was actually feeling pretty strong which seems like it would be a little unusual, but I'm not complaining. I weighed myself yesterday and was at 175#'s at nightime, and I usually weigh myself in the morning. I'm wondering what I'll weigh after the carb load and before the Sunday workout. It's only been about 2 weeks so I'm not expecting any miracles but I do look a bit leaner in the mirror. My abs are also a little more visible compared to when I started. I have about 3 weeks I think until our work starts going to the pool, so I still have some time. I won't be as ripped as I'd like to be at that point but I will be lean and have somewhat nice abs. I'll leave getting ripped for over the span of summer, or however long I want to continue dieting. Okay, I'm gonna eat some more, and try to enjoy my Saturday.
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    Hmmm.. where should I start. The carb load was better than last weeks but still did not hit my target goal. That frusterates me a little but I figured stressing about it would be worse. I'll just keep trying to improve, no big deal. The good thing is that I did eat more pasta's, rice, etc instead of too much sugary cereal. I even went out to Red Lobster last night and got some pasta with chicken. I ate most of it but the whole day of eating kinda did me in. I still should have eaten more. It's weird though, when I saw cheescake on the table yesterday my brain say's I had room but I didn't, so no cheescake.

    I weighed myself again today just to compare from the beggining of the diet, and I weigh 179#'s. One pound heavier than when I started but I look leaner. I know weight fluctuates a lot and it's hard to pinpoint but it's seems that I should weigh a little less. I know I didn't gain muscle, so that's not it. If I look leaner than that's all I care about. The workout today was great. I was feeling very strong today and had no problem with the heavier weights.

    I was also thinking today that if I lost enough bodyfat, I'd love to see some ripped delts. When I turn and face the front and look in the mirror, the definition is mostly gone. When I flex you can see the shape but not rounded out perfect. I've had pretty low bodyfat before but not to the point where they're shredded. I'm debating whether to do another week before I take a break from training. Eight weights of training should be okay I think so I might just go another week.
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    Well, I'd stop going by weight and use the pinchers.

    Hows it going now? You haven't updated since Sunday.
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    Hey, Whats happenin' Mindwraith. Yeah, tracking my weight is more to give me a round about figure of any progress, but I don't take it to heart. As for the pinchers, I have the fat track and I can't get the little machine to be accurate. To tell you the truth I think I might have been better just the regular cheaper ones. It beaps before I get a full skinfold grip. I'm gonna try a few more methods with the machine and see if it works a little better.

    I couldn't update yesterday so I'll give you a 2 days in one deal. On Monday, there was no training so I enjoyed one of the less strict days of the diet, and just went to work. I also had a filet mignon dinner last night. I think I deserved that meal you know. That steak didn't stand a chance, I ate that thing like no tomorrow. :D . A little(not too much) cheating on the less strict diet days is what helps keep me going.

    Yesterday and this morning I woke up looking a lot leaner than the start of my diet. I'm not cover model ripped yet or anything but I'll get close with some more time. My abs are appearing more and more with each week. I forgot how fun it was loosing bodyfat, I've been bulking for a while. I don't think there's anything better than being lean and muscular though ;).

    Today I'm back on a lower calorie/carb diet with a depletion workout which I'll start in a couple hours. One thing I think has been useful is having done HST before the UD2 diet. I already have all my maxes set up which eliminates any guess n' check. Since the reps have to extend a certain period of time during the depletion workouts I'm able to look at weights below my maxes that will help me keep each set to that extended period of time allowing a more productive depletion workout.

    K, I gotta eat before my workout. Later
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    So, second depletion workout. One thing is have noticed over the past couple weeks is that the training and diet become kind of second nature once you get used to it. I've become accustomed to doing the depletion workouts but when there done with I'm happy to do a different workout. The workouts this week have been much better considering I extended the time of my reps to the appropriate amount. I feel a slighly more intense burn and I leave the gym feeling a little more satisfied with my workout.

    Also being on the diet for 2+ weeks I have found the foods I can eat containing the proper amount of macornutrients and stick with it just to make it easier. Over time I have made mental notes about the different foods I can mix and match with in order to get the exact meal values I need which helps me mix things up a tad incase I get sick of the same old foods. I don't find the diet to hard though because the UD2 allows you to eat more "normally" for a couple day's so it's easier on me psycologically.

    One weird thing is though that I noticed today is when I pinch some fat around stomach like I would if I was taking bodyfat measurments, the fat feels different or somewhat smoother (or maybe it's just my imagination).

    I also might lower my calories just a bit on the fat loss days because I think I might be a little on the high side but not much (I doubt it will make a significant difference but I'll see). I haven't taken any pictures yet except for the one before I started so I might just take one when I go off of the diet for a before/after kind of thing just so I can see my overall improvement.
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    Today was a day of no training and a moderate amount of cardio just to boost the fat loss. I've measured most of my muscle groups and still have no noticeable muscle moss [​IMG]. I just got my paycheck today and after I pay all my bills I'll see if I can buy any supplements I want to add. I was thinking of buying absolved and figured there was no better time to try it than now.

    I also fixed my diet like I said and it's about 100 calories less/day than the previous weeks on fat loss days. Also, after tomorrow night's workout begins the carb-load. I keep waiting for each carb load so I can nail it to a T, and eat some foods I can't during low carb days like lasagna :D (oh yeeaahh).

    I'll be posting up until this weekend then I'm taking 9 days off from training and the diet, but will start posting again as soon as I begin dieting again.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to post this last weekend but when I ate higher calories/carbs on the weekend I felt these strange pains in my biceps, almost like a growing pains kind of feeling and they would twitch every once in a while.
  10. Hey Viper,

    My roomates came up with a pretty cool trick so that you dont have to clean the foreman grill everytime you use it.

    Get yourself some aluminum foil and fold it into the grill, kind of like a pocket, so that none of the food or juices actually touch the grill. Make sure you spray some pam on the foil so that the chicken doesnt stick to it.

    Hope it saves you time.
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    Haha! You know what, that is a pretty good idea. I gotta try that. Its dinner time for me right now so I'm gonna give it a whirl. Thanks, I can't believe I never thought of that. On the other hand some inventions in general aren't rocket science either like whoever invented double sided tape. Hello [​IMG], how hard was that. Someone already invented tape so someone else just added another adhesive side to it, unless the same person that invented tape invented double sided also.
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    I had an awesome day yesterday. First, my work day was more relaxed and was a lot easier of a day than normal. I didn't get to do any more cardio yesterday because I went to work a couple hours before I usually do but it's not a problem. I got to the gym about an hour after I got off at work and had a small pre-workout meal. The workout drained me yesterday. Last week with the same workout was tough but I had more strength. Last night after one good set the others went kind off downhill, but not too terribly. When I was done with the workout I was actually glad because I knew I was able to start eating some carbs. I had a good size portion of lasagna post-workout. I couldn't help myself since it has been in the fridge for a couple days starring at me. What made this workout great yesterday was that I talked to Chris Cook about bodybuilding and contests, etc. He's one of the most level headed guys I have ever met. He has no problem taking the time to talk while working out and is very personable. There was another guy that walked up to him and was talking to him for 30-45 min and helping him add plates to the hack squat machine, and Chris kept talking to him with no problem at all, cool stuff. I wished him luck with the USA Championships this year which he is competing in to get his pro-card. I told him he looks a lot more muscular than last year and he said that he's about 20#'s heavier. I guessing he'll probably weigh in at more than 260#'s this year. I'm curious how he does at the contest in July. Alright, the last thing that made my night was a pair of F-15 fighter jet's flying around the gym. My friend called me on my last couple of sets and said that he see's 2 jets near his house, so I hurried outside to see if I could see them. They was circling around the city because of Reagans funeral service which was right over the mountains so this was an honor to see all this happening. That's it for now, but I'm in the process of getting all my carbs in today, so I gotta eat.
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    Yesterday's carb load went much better than the other two. I got a better head start eating carbs on friday night after my workout and continued it on Saturday. I actually went to a friends party most of the night and was still able to eat a lot of carbs, so I think this was my best one so far.

    Today I had one meal before the workout and went to the gym. I weighed myself at 179 1/2#'s, hmm still around the same number when I started but I don't have quite as much fat. I felt very strong today with each set and I had a good amount of energy. My workout may have been a little to long but I added a few more exercises for a couple different muscle groups that's not in the book's routine because I normally don't have time to do them during the depletion workouts.

    I will be eating maintenance calories for my 9 day break from the UD2 diet/training. This will give me some spare time to enjoy some sports I like playing so I'm kinda looking forward to a little rest. When I get back on the diet I'll start posting again and continue letting everyone know how things are going. Later!
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    Just one more thing. I did a couple measurements and my arms showed around and +1/8'' improvement. The only measurement I have for my waist was before the UD2 and right at the beginning of my HST cycle. I switched half-way through the cycle going into the UD2 so it's the most accurate info I have. The before was 33 1/2'' flexed and now it is 32 1/2'' flexed. From now on I'll keep track of my waist measurements. Hope this gives you an idea of where I'm at.
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    Hey hey, I'm back. My break felt great, and I was able to eat a little more normal and do other activities besides working out. I'm happy I'm back in the swing of things though. By the end of an SD I get an itch to get back in the gym.

    I'll start off with my day in general. Right now my job requires a lot more hours and the schedule is different almost every day. The good thing is that I will be making more money in the summer and hopefully I can save or pay off loans. The hard part is that the diet/training become a little harder to follow but I'll get it done. I just try to make time when I can and follow my plan. I normally bring my foods to work in the morning and later on in the afternoon I get the chance to workout but there might be some nightime workouts when I work longer.

    Weighed in at 175#'s this afternoon. The workout today was probably one of the most demanding workouts compared to my first workout using the UD2. I was feeling pretty strong in the gym but was sweating a lot more than normal. I had to push myself physically and mentally harder than before. I really think this had to do with being the first day back, having terrible sleep last night, and working early this morning. I guess in a strange way I still like the depletion workouts but when their over I look forward to leaving the gym and eating a meal. The depletion workouts make me look very full and I love the pump I get from higher rep sets. I had an itch on my back today after I finished a set of leg press and I could barely reach my arm behind my head :D. It must have looked kind of funny from other peoples point of view. The leg workouts on the depletion days really make my legs burn. Out of all the muscle groups involved in todays workout, the legs take the cake for being the most challenging IMO.

    Well, it feels good to be back on my diet/training and I'll continue to post and let everyone know the progress.
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    Do you have any before and after pics?
  17. VIPER

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    I only took one before pic and I might take another and the end of the week because it will be 1 month on the diet. I know I have changed and dropped some bodyfat. I'm not ripped or anything but that should be on it's way.
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    Thanks VIPER
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    Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday. I got to the gym a tad later than yesterday but not by a lot. The workout took around an hour and twenty minutes. The only difference between the workouts is that I was sore today. Most of the muscle groups aren't too bad when working them when sore but legs gave me a nice burn as usual. I'll normally do back after legs and when I am on the row machine I can't keep my legs in a normal sitting position so I have to stretch them straight out in front of me for a little bit to keep lower lessen the burn, its funny. For my diet I'm basically sticking to chicken for protein because I compeletely burned myself out on tuna :confused:. Turkey is another option which I might try soon.

    As I was at the gym today when I looked in the mirror I was happy to start seeing some more definition in my arms which always makes my physique look better. I still can't wait to get some ripped abs again though, love the way it looks when the abs are chisled without flexing. Tomorrow I am going on to the Zoo with my work and I'll have to pack some of my chicken in a container. There will be plenty of walking around tomorrow, so I'll count that as my daily cardio. Alright, I'll either post tomorrow or Friday after my workout. Later!
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    Gotten to the chisled abs yet? Have you seen them?

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