Nativetroutbum's Training Log... comments/critique welcome!!!

Today's lower training:
Deads: 45x10, 135x5, 225x3, 315x1, 370 x 5, 5
Leg Press: 200x5, 290x5, 470 x 10, 10, 10, 10
Leg Curl: 90x10, 150 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5
Leg Ext: 90x10, 185 x 10, 10, 10
Calves: BW+40 x 20, 20, 20
External shoulder rotations: 5 x 15, 15, 15
DB Rear delt raise: 15 x 10, 10, 10
C2 rowing: 2000m, lvl 5, 9:38
Leg Curls AND Calf Raises with Deadlifts? You're a beast, NT.
Ha ha... thanks, Tim. As you can see, I'm currently doing an upper/lower split 4 x weekly (except this week...). Per workout, I'm attempting to shoot for ~60 reps of every muscle group for lower body and ~30 reps for every muscle group upper body. On my "lower" training days, I've really been hammering my legs.
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Yesterday's Upper training:
Bench: 45x10, 95x10, 135x5, 185x1, 215 x 4, 4, 4, 1+1+1+1+1+1
Krocs: 100 x 10, 8, 8
Dips: BWx10, BW +75 x 5, 5, 5 +1
Lat Pull Down: 90x12, 165 x 8, 8, 8
DB Upright rows: 30x 5+5, 40x5+5, 45x5
Cable Tricep Ext: 150x10, 140x10, 130x10, 120x10 (drop set) 150x10, 150x7
Cable Bicep Curl: 110x10, 100x10, 90x10, 80x10 (drop set) 110x 7, 110x5

Today's Lower training:
Deads: 45x10, 135x5, 225x5, 315x1, (belt+chalk) 380 x 5, 5
Leg Press: 200x5, 290x5, 470 x 10, 10, 10
Leg Curl: 90x8, 155 x 5, 6, 5, 6
Calf press: BW+40 x 20, 19, 20
Leg Extension: 90x10, 190 x 10, 10, 10
C2 rowing, lvl 5, 2000m, 9:08

BW was 174 after training and before breakfast this am.

I tore a callous on the top of my left middle finger and cut open my right knee during my first set of deads. Didn't have any tape in my bag so I just sucked it up and did the 2nd set. I wish I could have taken a picture of the bar... chalk and blood all over it on both sides. My sweat pants have had a hole in the right knee and up on my right quad for quite some time. Since that is my over hand side, the bar tends to scrape along my right leg more than my left. Anyway, I basically always have a scab on my right knee, and every other training session, I tear it open again... today it bled more than usual and the hole in my pants must have been perfectly lined up with it as it was hitting the bar, hence the blood all over the right side of the bar too. Don't worry, I cleaned it all up with alcohol wipes :o) Definitely will have tape next time. That said, 380 felt stupid heavy today.

Pretty happy with progress all over. Definitely leaning out still. Just going to keep doing what I'm doing and see what happens.
Haven't been able to log in for a few days, seemingly issues with my internet...

Only one workout left before I SD, "upper" tomorrow, then I'm off to the beach for a week with the family! SD will be Friday through the following Sunday, a solid 10 days off . I really need the vacation, and I'm not going to mind the break from the gym either :) I'm pretty well tired all over.

Here is where I left off with Lower training:

Deads: 2@385x5 (definitely not my 5RM... but good enough for now, 385 felt lighter than 380 last week.)
Leg Press: 3@470x11 (We need a new leg press machine so I can add more weight safely)
Leg Curl: 3@160x7
Leg Ext: 3@200x10
Calves: 3@BW+50x20

Monday's Upper workout was the following, I hope to up things just a bit tomorrow and finish this cycle well.
Bench: 45x10, 95x5, 135x5, 185x1, 225x4, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1
Krocs: 100x10, 8, 8,
Dips: BWx5, BWx5, BW+80x5, BW+85x5, 5
Lat Pull Down: 90x12, 175x8, 8, 8
DB Upright rows: 30x10, 55x5, 5, 5
Cable Curls: 120x10, 110x10, 100x10, 80x10 (drop set) 120x10, 120x5
Cable triceps: 170x10, 160x10, 150x10, 120x10 (drop set) 170x6, 170x5

BW was 174.5 the other day... definitely still leaning out a bit. Probably keep doing what I've been doing when I start my next cycle, will start with 10's

Hope ya'll are doing well!!
Took a week off and went to the beach with my family... glorious... been training hard for the last 3 weeks but obviously havent been logging anything. I reworked my training program a bit and have been enjoying it. I'm also experimenting with a slow cut.
Figured I'd post my current training scheme... as always, please let me know if you have any critiques:

High Bar Back Squats
BB Flat Bench
DB Bent Rows
Leg Curls
BB Standing Shoulder Press
DB Preacher Curl

Squats are ATG. Amazing. Currently I'm at sets of 185x7-10
BB bench is a pretty standard grip, touching the bar to my chest right about at nipple line. Currently at sets of 185x10.
DB bent rows, a staple in any training routine for me. Currently at 90's for sets of 7-10
Dips, currently at sets of BW+40 x 7-10
Leg Curls. 150x10's
BB Standing shoulder Press. I love these and had it as a goal to work these back into my training. Well, I think I'm there. I've started crazy light and worked up to 60 pounds; taking the bar all the way down to my chest on each rep and pressing up to locked out elbows. So far so good.
DB Preacher curl. We got a new piece of equipment in our gym so I'm using it and liking it. Single arm DB curls on the preacher are pretty amazing. Thus far I'm only up to 30 pound DBs and only able to get sets of 10. On each rep I'm going to full extension so my elbow is completely straight.
Abs... mixing lying leg ups and decline sit ups along with regular ole sit ups.

As I mentioned, I'm on a cut, BW is down to 172. Haven't measured my BF, but I'm definitely losing fat. All of my pants are loose and my weight belt is now not completely tight on the 6th hole. Back when I was over 180, it was fully tight on the 5th hole.

Anyway, I hope to have some more time to keep up on here over the coming weeks. Lately, my work schedule has been crazy, 10-12 hour days, so by the time I get home, I've got no time to "play."

Hope ya'll are doing well!
Great week of training thus far. Managed to get Squats of 3 @ 195 x 7 and nailed 190 x 10,7,7 on flat bench, which I'm pretty sure is a PR. Looking to try and bump each up 5 pounds tomorrow.
Finished well this week.

Squats @ 200 x 7 and I managed to get 195x9.75 on flat bench. I had a spotter and he helped a little on the 10th rep.

Also got multiple sets of standing barbell overhead presses @ 80 x 7. Light weight, I know, but a victory for me considering my history of shoulder issues.

Looking forward to a weekend of rest.
Now that I've got a few minutes to myself, I figured I'd post an "update." Life and work have been insane. My 12 hour days have continued, and I'm consistently logging about 120 hours every two weeks... My training has been consistent though I'm not getting nearly enough sleep.

Overall, my cut continues to go reasonably well. With sweatpants, socks, shoes, and t-shirt on, I've been hovering lately around 169-171 lbs in the AM after my workout and before breakfast. I know this isn't ideal for weighing ones self, but I've remained consistent weighing myself this way from the beginning, so I can roughly determine how much I've lost/gained. I figure about 3-5 pounds for the clothes I'm wearing and the water consumed during training. When I was bulking, the heaviest the scale ever read was about 184.5 and the lowest it's been recently was 169, so give or take a couple pounds. Waist was over 33" when I started, it's now just a bit over 30"... biceps are still about 15", quads are still just a bit over 22", chest is 42" ish.

I've been keeping my protein intake at about 1.25g/pound/day and supplementing with BCAAs before training and after dinner. Generally, I've been on about 300-600 calorie deficit per day; most of the calories I've cut are carbs, but I've also replaced pre-workout protein powder with pre-workout BCAAs. I continue to take creatine monohydrate twice daily; once before training and again usually after lunch.

After spending a few weeks with what felt like really heavy loads, I've moved back to 10's. Got squats and bench up to 225, this week I backed both to sets of 185x10. Amazing how weak I feel on a calorie deficit and training in the morning. I definitely don't like feeling this way, but I'm committed to seeing this cut through to the end. "End" will be anything sub 10% bf, I haven't measured BF yet, I've still got a ways to go, but am making progress.

Training routine (M/W/F):
Squats (high bar full squats like Clarence Kennedy minus the freakish strength)
DB Row
Standing overhead press
Preacher curl

Cardio (T/TH)
C2 rowing sprints followed by walking up hill and light jogging

I've been loving squats and have gotten my form pretty well squared away. Monday morning I may test my squat max just because I'll be working out with a friend of mine who squats 450lbs (at a BW of 215) and will be working with a proper squat rack that day...
Had to share two PRs today. ATG back Squats - 255x1. Flat bench - 245x1, both at a BW of 168 lbs! I made attempts ar 265 on squats and 255 on bench and I just barely missed... had to have spotter give just a touch of help at a sticking point only... so very close on both attempts. Rest of my training went very well too. Very pleased overall!
Been a long time since I posted... I've been consistently training 3x week, M/W/F, full body training, 3 sets per exercise (except deads, sticking to 6-10 total reps at working weight), aiming for 6 reps per set, 10 reps for leg press, and progressively increasing loads everywhere. Haven't been doing ANY cardio at all, but have been eating less in an effort to lean out, in essence, I've been lifting heavy and eating light. So far so good. I'm @ 163 lbs and currently right about (maybe a bit under) 10% BF. Strength has been good, hoping to test maxes somewhat soon, I currently feel as strong, if not stronger, than when I was near and even over 180 lbs bw . Hoping for a deadlift of 450 and a BB Bench of 275, with a BW @ or under 165.

Current training program:
Deads, Flat BB Bench, Rotating Grip Chin ups, Leg Press, DB Rows, Standing BB Overhead Press, Standing BB Curls, Tricep push downs. Also, with deads, I've been alternating between 6 rep sets and 5 or 6 sets of single reps with 30 seconds of rest between reps.

Very pleased that my shoulder hasn't gone wonky on me. I've really been concentrating on my grip, standard grip on everything and really squeezing the heck out of the bar. This seems to help me put my shoulders in the right spot for bench and overhead pressing. So far so good.

Noteable stuff from today's training:
Deads @ 385x5, 4. Bench saw three sets of 225x3 after doing a couple sets of 185 and 195 for 6. Overhead press is weak, but progressing and getting stronger; staying meticulous with my form @ sets of 105x6.

I hope ya'll are doing great!!
So I was on track and doing well, and shortly after posting my last update I came down with a stomach virus. So, I basically took an unscheduled 8-day SD. I got back into the gym for the first time on Tuesday and managed Tues/Thurs training this week.

I knew trying to pick up where I left off would not go well, so I rolled back the loads and volume a little, but managed some pretty good training with a lot of micro-trauma throughout.

Probably only going to be able to get 2 training sessions in this next week due to personal commitments, but I'm going to try and make it worth it. The week after next, I'll be back to 3x/week training.
I was ALMOST able to jump right back into the loads I had worked up to prior to getting sick. Here I am a few weeks later and I'm pretty much back to where I was. I've been trying to stick to 3 sets of 6 reps with the exception of dead lifts where I've been approaching my 1RM so I'm only doing 1 rep sets.

Couple highlights from Monday and Tuesday:
Monday I managed a dead lift of 405x1 followed by 415x1. Wednesday I got 405x1 then two sets of 425x1. Both of the 425 reps were relatively smooth, nearly identical. I've been doing about 4 or 5 warmup sets with anywhere between 10 and 1 rep based on the load. Anything over 365 these days is belted, alternating grip, and chalk.

Flat BB bench is currently at three sets of 195x6. Tomorrow, I plan to move up to 205.

Standing overhead press is still coming along and my shoulder has remained ok. Not setting any records at 3 sets of 115x6 but focusing on perfect form.

BW is 166 with clothes. Feeling about as strong as ever, and definitely as lean as I've been in a long time.
Managed a new dead lift PR on Monday. 435 @ BW of 165.

Wasn't quite 100% and warmups didn't feel great, but I figured I would try for a new PR anyway. It was a true MAX effort... I suppose it's possible I could have had 440, but I'm guessing my 450 benchmark is still a few months off. Gonna get back to training heavy and hopefully making progress.

Bench press is still coming along nicely and 205x6 for my first set was clean. 2nd and 3rd sets I had to cluster, but did get a total of 18 reps.

Nothing else was really noteworthy, but I am pleased at the dead lift @ 2.6 x BW.
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