Nativetroutbum's Training Log... comments/critique welcome!!!

Great set, NT! Do you pull conventional or sumo? Regardless - looks like your former PR of 435 @165 is not standing for much longer.
Haven't had much, if any, time to myself lately, so no time to do any blog-reading/writing. Still able to prioritize training 3-5 times weekly, for which I am very thankful.

I've been training heavy and eating less; but not getting too neurotic about counting every calorie. I'm continuing to eat mostly clean; lots of veggies and meat. I'm now down to ~160lbs and under 10% BF. Stubborn fat right around the belly button remains, but I'm not going to do anything about it. At 38 years old, I'm feeling pretty good about my midsection. Waist is under 30 inches, most of my other measurements are about the same, though everything is a bit smaller; thankfully my waist is the only place that has seen rather dramatic shrinkage.

At this point, I'm basically maintaining my weight while trying to build as much strength as possible. I'm sticking to relatively heavy training, aiming for 5 sets of 5 on all of my compounds. I've also added in isolation exercises for biceps and triceps.

Oh yeah, and I got 450x1 on deadlift on 29 June @ BW of 160.

I hope to have some more time to get back on this blog a bit more in the coming weeks.
Noteworthy stuff from training this week.

Deads: Decided not to go heavy this week, so the one day I did deads, I worked light and worked up to 315x15. Cardio was the only issue... Tim, I just realized I never answered your question, i apologize. I pull conventional, anything over 315 I belt-up, chalk hands, and use an alternating grip.
Bench: I've now had a few sessions of 5x5@205; probably escalate the load next week.
ATG Squats: I've had a few sessions at 5x5@205, but it's not quite as easy as it should be... Yesterday I managed 205x8 in my first and second sets, but then only felt like I could get 5 in set 3 and then I was spent. Chalk that up to not enough sleep.
Wide grip pull ups: BW+45.
BB Bent Rows: So I'm finally going to replace DB rows with BB rows. Pretty amazing the difference.
---Right posterior delt has gotten a little wonky on me, so I'm stretching a lot and staying off the standing BB shoulder presses.
Couple noteworthy points from training recently:

Deads: managed 405x6 and 405x7. These are touch-and-go reps rather than full dead reps. Alternating grip, chalk and belt.
Bench: Couple training sessions at 5x5 @ 210. 5x5 @ 225 is close-er...
ATG Squats: Sorta been stuck at 5x5 @ 205. Admittedly some of my hesitation in progressing the load is psychological due to our lack of a proper squat rack...
Pendlay Rows: 5x10 @ 135. Wanted to start light in order to ensure I was doing it right. The octagonal shaped plates in my gym make these a little awkward when one side rolls forward and the other side rolls backward...
A few noteworthy points from training recently:

Deads: I am now comfortably completing sets of 410x5, followed by sets of 3, 2, and 1. Probably move up to 415x5 next week.
Bench: Last week I went "heavy "to see what I could do with 225. Managed a couple sets of 3 and a bunch of sets of 2 and 1. Lost count, but probably did about 20 reps. I'm still hovering around 5x5's @ 205-210... shoulder is
Squats: Damn shoulder... I couldn't even grab the bar last week without pain, so I resorted to leg press. Frustrating. Thankfully I'm SD'ing next week... I need it.
Pendlay Rows: Have been completing 5x5 @ 165, which is about my BW these days. I can definitely up this a bit.

The shoulder: After SD I'm going to come back and be sure to work internal and external rotations into the mix daily... I'm an idiot to ever stop...