Need help sleeping

I'm sorry it didn't work out for ya man. Maybe I'm just a weirdo, but those things put me out like sleeping beauty. Hopefully the ZMA works out better for ya.
ZMA doesn't really help me get to sleep , but it does make my quality of sleep better in a big way. Melatonin seemed to make me sleepy (could have been placebo) Heinekin has never let me down yet.
Yeah, I don't really need help falling asleep. It is staying asleep and getting good quality sleep that is the problem. I don't mind tossing and turning for 30-40 min. (which is what I do) as long as I know I will get some good sleep once I'm out.

The Melatonin did make me tired and I feel asleep quicker. But I didn't stay asleep. And I frequently felt like I had a bad alcohol hangover when I woke up....not a good thing.

The ZMA for sure gives me much better quality sleep once I'm out. At least the last 3 bottles I took sure did. And I love the crazy dreams so that's a bonus!

So I'm eagerly waiting for the little brown box to show up on my porch so I can get some sleep!
IBE has just come out with X-Dream. So far the reviews on other boards have been pretty positive. Nutraplanet has it for 37.99 I think...I haven't personally tried it, but the products of there's I have tried I've yet to be dissapointed.
I've been trying the Acetyl L-Carnitine + Theanine combo I read about on an old thread here for about 2 weeks and I don't think it's helping me. If anything, it's been harder than usual to fall asleep and I have been sleeping later. Dunno if either is related to the ALCAR and/or theanine but neither seems to be helping. FYI, IMO.
Since I have been back on the ZMA I'm sleeping much better again. I have also found that 2 caps works better for me than 3 caps. Which will make it even easier on the wallet!

St. John's Wort (check any contraindications with this one)

Kava - I'd try this one last as it seems to be fairly hardcore as far as effects go.

5-HTP (once again check for contraindications, the main ones being anti-depressants and there were a few pain killer like tramal)

Try a passionflower or chamomile tea 30 minutes before bed.
Chamomile and a book works every time.

If I have to be certain to get to sleep and am not sleepy, I've taken 1/4 to 1/2 of one pill of my wife's Lunesta, as it's the only sleeping pill I've tried that didn't leave me groggy in the morning. But it is wickedly powerful. I think a whole pill would knock out a rhino. It leaves a metallic taste in the mouth the morning after, otherwise works well.
Any sleeping pills that take over your natural sleep reflex, or circadian rhythms will disable your ability to get to sleep on your own, so I only take something when I feel I have to, like working early or when stressed. They can be very addictive, from what I've seen.
I know this is a really old thread but thought I would give an update. I have been using NOW Foods two stage release 1mg melatonin and NOW Foods 50mg 5-HTP every night lately and I'm sleeping like a rock. it's the best sleep I have had in about 20 years.