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  1. Hunterworks

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    I am either too lazy to find these answers or just have not ran across them yet so please help me out.

    How long is a cycle?

    What is a negative?

    When do you change reps from 15 to 10 to 5?

    When do you change your max?

    And when do you take the 9-14 days off?

    Thanks ahead,
  2. QuantumPositron2

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    6-8 weeks. Your first cycle is 8, your following cycles are 6.

    Lowering the weight only. As an example, a negative bench press would be you lowering the weight and then having spotters pick it back up again. Negatives allow us to use extremely heavy weight and therefore push a muscle hard. There is a lot of research backing up the use of negatives.

    Every two weeks. First two weeks: 15. Second two weeks: 10. Third two weeks: 5. Last two weeks: Strategic Deconditioning.

    Once a cycle.

    At the very end of a cycle, after the 5's.

    Keep reading.

  3. Hunterworks

    Hunterworks New Member

    Thanks, I got unlazy and found all of this on the site and really enjoyed the read. I really appreciate you replying!!

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