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  1. Blade, I have one last question:

    What's your view on HST Cluster training? Especially at the end of the cycle where cluster size is around 1-2 reps. The whole point of these small clusters being to keep fatigue to a minimum. Or in general HST cluster training tries to get rid of fatigue as much as possible. Comparable to max-stim. You think fatigue has a place in muscle hypertrophy (I read the mechanic pathway, i.e. load, accounts for something like 80% of hypertrophy).
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    What's peoples opinions during post-5's on this:

    1set at 5RM and progressively loading each workout to hit true RMs at end of Post 5's which is used as RM for next cycle
    10 max-stim reps at 5RM to minimize fatigue and allow continued strength increases whilst keeping volume constant (15 reps) as opposed to doing 3 straight sets at 5RM which would be much tougher to recover from at the end of the cycle?

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