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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by imported_etothepii, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. I'm a math teacher, so I'm using a the graph of the trig function y = sinx as my model.

    Basically, this is a calorie cycling, perhaps carb cycling diet -- just a rough idea right now, needing to be fine tuned...

    The trig model is actually:

    y = asinx + c

    (There is more to trig than that, but these parameters are all that matter here.)

    a is the amplitude -- the caloric surplus/deficit.

    c is maintenance calorie level.


    At the peaks, you are doing a heavy weight lifting workout. At the valley, you are doing a fat-burning workout, be it cardio, high rep/light weight/low rest weight lifting, HIIT, or whatever.

    To blend this with HST, you lift every 48 hours (peaks) and do cardio on off days (valleys).

    For bulking, you make set the value of c above your maintenance.

    For cutting, keep c below maintenance.

    For a slow bulk, keep c below maintenance in the 15s, at maintenance in the 10, and above maintenance in the 5s.

    Drop the wave during SD.

    What do you think of the rough draft of this idea?
  2. colby2152

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    It looks great on paper (I have thought the same things), but the sine curve is a continuous function. We cannot use a continuous function for caloric intake. We cannot even used a cumulative distribution function unless you are measuring calories consumed in the past (oh say) 12 hours. At that point, it is acceptable for a function of caloric intake to decrease.

    Caloric waving has been discussed in a thread that I started: http://www.hypertrophy-specific.info/cgi-bin....t=14579

    It is something I will be trying out in my next cycle. I will be waving the calories on a more discrete basis every 12 hours. This makes it optimal for nutrition around my HST workouts.

    BTW, you may be interested in one of the forums I frequently post in: Math Help Forum
  3. I quickly realized that it wouldn't be a continuous function, but the sine wave models the overall thought behind the diet, so I'm sticking with it for now.

    Believe it or not, the math website is blocked by my shcool's filter!!!
  4. colby2152

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    Well, you could check it out when you get home. It's a great place to help others and always learn something new in Mathematics.
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    all the math functions aside......
    the basic idea your talking about here diet cycling  is very much in vogue these days, at least as far as intelligent diet/lifting programs and forums go. havent seen too much in the mainstream though.

    whether your talking carb cycling (CKD,TKD) or cals cycling (IF and others) or even cycling on a weekly basis (i believe laynes diet plan did this but i may be mistaken)  the basic idea is the same.... get your cals (and carbs) in mainly around w/o and then adjust diet on off days based on cutting or bulking.

    as far as some of the specifics of the diet you mentioned i think they will be influenced by how you respond as you go along. personally i was surprised at how differently my body responded to eating various ways......even when eating at roughly the same cal level.

    good luck
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    Just be sure to lay off the apple pi when you're on a cut... [​IMG]
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    Blue Jacket... Layne who, Norton?
  8. bluejacket

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    yes, layne norton. i dont have personal knowledge of the diet myself but ive read its based on @4-6 weeks of a bulking type of diet (muscle and fat gain)followed by 2 weeks of a cutting type of diet(fat loss). some have claimed to have pretty good results with it.

    i personally have no exper. with it.
  9. colby2152

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    Oh, well that is not the day to day caloric waving that we are talking about. There is a lot of research on this stuff... if only I could find some way to extract it all!
  10. bluejacket

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    yes, that is why i mentioned in my orig post that it is an idea that has many forms.....cal/carb cycling on a daily basis like TKD or IF, on a weekly basis like CKD (UD2.0 for ex.) or even on a longer multiple weekly basis like laynes program.

    like i mentioned the basic idea is the same.......get the major portion of your intake around a solid, consistent w/o (whether it be one, two, six, sixteen, whatever) for the partitioning benefits and then adjust the rest of your intake depending on goals (cut, bulk, recomp).

    personally i find IF to be a good approach for me (so far) but many folks do not or cannot function well on this type of approach (16hr fast). for those folks perhaps a TKD or CKD approach is better since it still puts most of the intake (usually carbs) around a serious w/o yet leaves room for some food for a more rounded &quot;normal&quot; day. taken another step out to the weekly cycling approach would be where laynes diet falls which, again, might be a more attractive approach for some and their lifestyle/sched.
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