Post-workout Carbs And Immune System!


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Heya guys, was researching a bit on how to keep my immune system from plummeting after a hard training session (been getting sick alot of late), and came across a few different sources saying that carbs during or immediately after a workout can help prevent the lowering of immune system function

Have read from other places that it's related to the insulin response it stimulates and blunting cortisol rise... but unsure exactly.

Just wondering if anyone had thoughts on this, whether it's legit or just scrambling?

And also any other tips on anything I can do straight away post-workout to assist my struggling immune system haha... sleep has been mostly good. Overall diet is pretty good, and am on multivitamins, greens powder etc...
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Also have been increasing protein consumption overall, don't think I'm getting enough in (also whey protein specifically apparently helps with immune function too...)
I've never read that about carbs before, oddly, I've read that sugar lowers immunity via those same mechanisms. The one thing I read about, and it seemed to help me, was L-glutamine after a workout.
Ah that's interesting.. yeah I think where I was reading from was moreso talking about just blunting any crazy cortisol response and stopping it getting out of hand and affecting the immune system, but yeah that's got me thinking now.. cheers for that!
If you wanna really blunt cortisol, use Phosphatydalserine , it's study proven to lower cortisol, I've used it (blood sugar rises with higher cortisol, I've checked mine many times and it was a lot lower when using it).