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    Quote from FAQ

    This recomendation is slightly different to the one for "Grow at all costs"

    Many people say that if your goal is long term fat loss + muscle gain, then the most effective approach is periods of focus on fat loss folled by periods of focus on muscle gain. Trying to do both at the same time is less effective.

    Given that the long term goal is fat loss + muscle gain, and given that the current focus is muscle gain, would the pre and post workout recomendation above be applicable ?

    How much does the delaying of sugar affect muscle gain ?

  2. RainierWolfcastle

    RainierWolfcastle New Member

    * Would the recomendation be different when doing 15s, 10s, or 5s ?
    * Does current body fat levels change the recomendation at all ?

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    Under normal "gain" circumstances, you'd want to take your post- drink (about .4g/kg protein and .8g/kg carbs) immeidately after your workout. Then, resume normal eating pattern 1.5 hours or so later.

    I was told (here, I believe) that for fat loss:

    - light-moderate cardio for 15-20 immediately after weights to burn mobilized fat
    - still take your same post- drink
    - resume normal eating 2-3 hours later

    I don't know for sure, but I doubt that where you are in your cycle or current BF level affects this.

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