Protein intake every 3-4 hours

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by dor_dru, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. dor_dru

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    In the products section of the main site
    It says
    "It should be remembered that the body does not have the capacity to effectively store amino acids so protein should be eaten at least every 3-4 hours."

    It means eat X grams of protin every 3-4 hours, either it will go to waste?
    Lets say i concumed X+20, the amino acids of 20g protein will not eventuly go to the muscels?
    The major part is to understand how much is X??

    Could someone clear it please.
  2. wungun

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    Myself, I make sure I spike my protein intake within 30 minutes of a workout with a shake (with milk) and some fish oil and BCAA's (60g). I'll add to this some dextrose or a couple of really ripe bananas for an insulin spike. As for the rest of the day/meals, I just make sure I have protein with every meal (not in the form of shakes) .
    If my meal is shy of protein, I might have a 10g mini shake with some coconut milk.
  3. Totentanz

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    This doesn't matter. Protein takes hours to digest, especially if there is any fat in your gut at the time. If you are going to time any protein, you want to make sure to get in pre-workout protein and then just get a protein rich meal an hour or so after the workout.
  4. Bulldog

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    Yep... What Totentanz said.
  5. Kunce Squad

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    Just eat when your hungry or time permits. What matters is total calorie intake is adequate macros are met.

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