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I have been doing research and went to the store to get myself protein. I bought EAS bars with 25g and HI-Protein cereal that has 12g Protein to 2/3 of a cup. I also got the fat free milk and yogurt. I am finding it very difficult to reach 145g though. It seems i would have to eat the whole day. I am also not sure how much to eat for every meal since I should have 4-6 small meals a day. I appreciate all your responses and im sorry to bug you all with these questions.
145 grams isn't that hard to attain - i was getting 300 grams with only 5 meals a day and no powder.

cottage cheese
peanut butter

these all have some form of protein as far as i know.
i don't find it to be all that hard. if i don't make the allotted protein for one of my four meals (in your case it would be about 37g) then a few glasses of milk or a protein shake is very quick. also making sure each meal has a good source like beans or eggs or meat is helpful.
Like I was saying in the other thread of yours, you might want to get a 5lbs tub of protein... That way, you can start getting your protein very easily... eventually you'll want to move into whole foods as [xeno]Julios suggested - sometimes people have a hard time doing whole foods vs supplements. You're on the right track tho.. One food item I'd like to add is lean beef. I get 90% lean hamber patties. Each one is only 270 calories but 30 grams of protein. You also don't want to forget your fruits, veges, and good fats. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a can of tuna I wish to eat =)
just 2 average chicken breasts have 90g of protein, and i can have 1 breast per meal (chicken, rice, veggies or maybe lentils, beans, etc.) If you have 3 chicken breasts thats around 135 and as long as your not eating junk its easy to get a few grams to bump it up to 145. Chicken is my protein powder, whenever i need some protein that is usually what i will have. However the other guys are right, buying a quality powder is the easiest way because its convienent and faster than cooking chicken.
on a side note, techo you said you get "lean" meat, by my calculations of 270 cal - 120cal from protein = approx 17g of fat, more importantly beef fat which is high in saturated fat. Maybe i'm just clueless but to me that isnt lean?
That is a large red beef patty that is 90% lean. I've looked at the others that are 80% and 85% and they are much worse... Unless I'm just missing something here... Has anyone else out there been able to find leaner red meat?
I buy 96-97% lean beef cuts, grind them, remove the little visible fat, weight pieces of 100g, make pattyes and frooze 'em. (Actually daddy do almost all the work
Yeah, I eat those "sandwich steaks". That's about as lean as you get for beef. Just marinate them overnight if you don't have a grinder, or prepare to do a long jaw workout. The deal with protein mix is two-fold: I don't have enough of an appetite to eat enough protein. If I didn't use the powder, I'd shrivel up and blow away. And if you get the right stuff at the right place, it's actually far less expensive than any other protein source. Just do the cost per gram of protein math yourself and you'll see what I mean. But be sure to eat some real food too, "pure" protein doesn't have everything you need in a healthy diet. That's why it says right on there, "Do not use for weight reduction". But I know what you mean, I can't choke down 30 grams 6 times a day unless all I eat is tuna, tuna, tuna... lol
Maverick Ranch makes some pretty good hormone-free meat (i think its hormone free, or maybe its what they feed the cows) that's about 96% lean. About 4g of fat and 28g of protein or so. Good stuff.

You might also wanna try ground turkey breast burgers.
145 Grams should be a piece of cake. If you take in your pre and post workout protein, that should be around 40 grams right there. If you take in two more protein shakes mixed with skim milk thoughout the day, theres another 60. I weigh 160 pounds and have no problem getting in 300. I know that might be to much, but since I eat 8 times a day, and I hate cooking, I rely on protein shakes and meal replacements powders. Two MRP are 40 grams each right there.