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Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by ChadsMach1, Mar 31, 2003.

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    During 15's, should you be struggling to get that last 15th rep on only the first workout? I'm not sure if that week off did me in, or if I did my exercises in the wrong order (and wore me out by the time I got to certain things). I did my dips first, followed by my leg exercises next (leg press and calf raises) then proceeded with my other exercises.

    Which exercises should you do multiple off? I did all my exercises only once, with a moderate speed (a few was fast up slow down). I didn't feel any soreness last night after the gym, or this morning when I woke up. Should I? I really didn't get a "pump" of lactic acid either. Is it critical to get that "pump" every night when you work out?

    I have found myself unable to do chins. Don't I get the same benefit from doing a wide grip pull down? If not, is there any other exercise that can help me strengthen up to be able to do chins?

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    You shouldn't be struggling from your first workout in the 15s... Well, personally speaking, I choose sometimes to lower the tempo in the first workouts of the 15s and 10s in order to make them more challenging. If you didn't do this intentionally however, you have probably overestimated your 15RM, that is you started with too great weights. The order of the exercise doesn't have anything to do with it, unless you did isolation exercises before compound ones.

    In general, many people choose to do most basic exercises for 2 sets, but it really depends on how you feel. If you feel you can do it, then do it. If you feel worn our, you probably don't need that extra set. "Basic exercises" are the compound movements involving 2 or more joints, like pull-ups/ pull-downs, bench press, squat, deadlifts etc.

    The "soreness" and the "pump" are causes of great debates. If you used to feel them regularly in your previous routine, then you probably have had a very "light" workout, but this contradicts your "struggling", so I guess you were just expecting to feel sore but you didn't. Don't think too much about it.

    Pull-downs are perfectly ok, many people use them in the place of chins or pull-ups.
  3. It's common for the first workout or two after decon to be a struggle. Personally, I don't feel like I'm failing on strength; I feel like I'm failing on exhaustion. By the third workout, I'm back on track.

    Pulldowns are fine as an alternative to chinning.

    And in the 15's, you SHOULD be targeting a burn. If you're not getting a burn, fool around with rep speeds. Slow concentrics and fast eccentrics lend themselves to burn, and a static hold in the contracted position can help. On compound exercises, make sure not to hang out in "resting" position. For example, on the pulldown, when your arms are straight up, you're resting. Also, if you grip is narrow enough, you can also rest at the bottom. Don't wait in those positions when trying to get a burn -- make sure you always feel the muscle working.

    A pump is a pleasant consequence, but you should focus on the burn. You get that, things are working.

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