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I find it hard to eat at the required three hours periods everyday.

What I want to know is does it matter if I dont eat as much midday and then in the evening I am eating every hour? (I seem to be constantly hungry around this time).

Also as iv just finished uni, im avn a while off before I start full time work. I normally arise at 10. Would it be worth me getn up earlier to eat?? (It takes me ages to get to sleep of a night so I like my lie in to catch up on missed sleep so its sleep vs food)
For me its more of a matter of digestion. If I eat a large meal only every so often I find it difficult to consume enuf calories. It takes me longer to process a larger meal so Im not as 'hungry' the next time a meal comes around.
In addition to this I cant seem to shove enuf food down my throat to make a few large meals hit my caloric needs.
Unfortunately, I dont always have the oppurtunity to eat often so I just do my best. Idealy I would eat clean every couple to three hours, but that just doesnt happen at work. Thank heavens for MRP's! LOL
When you think about it why should I have to eat so many calories in 24hrs, my body doesnt reset every 24hrs.

I dont mean three hours as a 'holy grail' its just a number indicating a well spread diet.

Weve all heard the ideas.... every 3 hours or you can only digest so much in an hour.

What I want to know is is this spreading out of meals perfectly ideal or compulsory??

Btw as far as not being able to eat more often, try researching the GI diet, (basically it says if your tryna lose weight you wana eat foods that fill you up) so just eat the opposite foods. Might be talking rubbish there, but iv just watched a dietn program on it and doing the opposite to gain weight sounds logical
I have found that once you get into a routine of eating every few hours or so, it's gets a bit easier to do so as you go along. For instance, when I first started doing it, I felt like I was eating all the time. Now, it's just like clockwork and I find myself getting hungry as feeding time approaches :D Even when I have an occasional cheat meal with a larger caloric intake and I feel really full afterwards, I'll now still feel hungry about 3 hours later.

You may also be getting more hungry at night because you are not eating enough throughout the day. Just speculation...

From my own personal experience, when I made the switch from 3 big meals a day to 6 smaller meals spread throughout the day I noticed a dramatic difference in energy levels, strength, and physique. Everyone is different though.
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Quote[/b] (ian @ Mar. 04 2005,5:25)]When you think about it why should I have to eat so many calories in 24hrs, my body doesnt reset every 24hrs.
Actually, it does. Not every 24 hours, but every 12-16 hours.
(When you go to sleep.)