Routine w/ lower back pain?

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  1. Hello everyone! My first post! :) Ive been reading the boards for awhile though because ive been interested in HST for awhile now. Im trying to setup a routine, but i hurt my lower back, i dont want to aggrivate it too much. I was just wondering what you guys suggested I do to replace Deadlifts? I replaced the squats for Leg Presses already. Here's the set of exercises I have so far. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Leg Press
    Bench Press w/ Slight Incline
    DB Military Press
    Seated Rows
    Close-Grip Bench
    Ab Crunches

    for lower back i was thinking of easing in by doing hyperextensions, but still unsure. i look forward to hearing your opinions and advice
  2. colby2152

    colby2152 New Member

    You said it man...


    I get lower back pain from deadlifts, so I recently just quit them.
  3. thanks for your response! have you been doing your hyperextensions with weight? Are there any exercises you think I should include or take out from my routine? Was thinkin of doin 2 sets for each exercise.
  4. lcars

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    dang i do deads to stop back pain!!!stronger back less chance of injury imo,if you are getting lower back pain from doing deads then you arent doing them correctly, plus they add loads of mass,is your back problem long term ie:prolapsed disc etc or just a muscle pull,get deadlifting back in asap .
    good luck.having said that go with hyperextensions they are good also.

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