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    What is the best way to determine ALL your maxes as suggested before the start of the cycle? I've been lifting for years but am new to this program. It seems to me that this would take weeks. If I went into the gym to say, find my max on squat and I start out trying to determine it for 15's, what if I underestimate my first attempt, wouldn't the second attempt with more weight then diminish the performance of my leg muscles thereby negating the term "max"? Then to have to go on to my maxes for 10's 5's would further diminish the performance of my legs. Then to go on to other body parts.. it just seems so time consuming and also improper and the explainations on here don't seem to suggest that.
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    Can anyone suggest any ways around this issue? I was gonna ask the same question, but found someone else has beaten me to it...
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    Plan on finding your maxes over one week.

    Start on Monday and find your 15 RM for your exercises. Then on Wednesday find your 10 RM and on Friday find your 5 RM. IF you haven't been lifting for years and this is your first HST cycle you'll probably add weight to all your RM next cycle. [​IMG]

    Here's a link from the FAQ

    getting started with HST
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    Thanks for that, mikeh, you're a champion!
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    How did that answer the question, how do you zone in one you MAX REPS? It could take a number of weeks of trial and error?

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    Pretty much told me what I needed to know - that it isn't a matter of life/death if the figures are not 100 percent accurate. Obviously to work out your totally accurate max of any exercise is going to be a variable issue, nigh on impossible there are so many factors to consider... His post plus the link gave me all the info I need...
  7. could we just use these calculations? (found in one of these posts)

    For 2 RM
    1 RM divided by 1.047

    For 5's
    1 RM/1.167

    For 10's
    1 RM/1.33

    For 15's

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