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Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by Fausto, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. capinsac

    capinsac New Member

    Thanks for the advice. I like DB incline more than BB incline (seems to be easier on my shoulders), but I'll switch it up to keep the weight increasing.
  2. ilias

    ilias New Member

    Just finished my 5's for this cycle and I ended with 5lb-weighted chinups, so I'll reserve judgement until the next cycle. I think my concern might have stemmed from my performance in the 15s and 10s - it is difficult for me to do high numbers of reps for many lifts. Do you have any advice on that?

    And I've completely stalled on lateral raises - I cannot do 25lbs @ 5 reps (but I can do 22.5lbs @ 5 reps). What happens in HST when you cannot go further with a lift?

    As per my reply above, I think chin-ups will be fine for now. However, I'll keep rack chins in mind. Do you have instructions on how to properly do them? That video only showed the guy doing it, but not how.

    And thanks for your routine suggestion.
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  3. 5778394

    5778394 New Member

    hello i am new to HST
    there is 2 routins that i like
    which one is better recommended? (not my build. credit to owner)
    2.Bench Press
    3.Barbell row
    5.Shoulder press
    6.Triceps Extension
    7.Biceps curls

    2.Leg Extension
    3.Incline Bench press
    4.Chin Ups
    5.Lateral Raise
    6.Triceps extension
    7.Biceps Curls


    leg press-f
    leg curls--m,w,f

    Bent Over Rows--m,w

    30 degree incline bench-m,w,f

    Barbel standing crul m,w,f
    Tri Pushdowns--m,w

    barbell shrugs--m,w,f
    shoulder press--m,w,f
    dumbbell lat raises--m,w,f

    And about the cycle should i go whit the original 2x15 2x10 2x5 2x5 or the mod 12's,10's,8's,then 5's to make one 8 week cycle, then 1 week SD, repeat

    about the progressive load the 2 weeks block is neccesery or i can do 1 week block , i mean 85% 90% 100% or that will be overtraning ?
  4. TheSeeker07

    TheSeeker07 New Member

    Starting back again and I want to do it right. I need to gain mass while gaining endurance. I need to be able to run 1 1/2 mile in good timing and to have just good endurance in general. The Plan: A) Bench, Rows, Press, Squat B) Dips, Deadlift, Chin ups?.. Off days I would do some push ups, planks, crunchs, then run 1 1/2 mile. Suggestions would be great, I am going to boot camp in June that's why I need endurance too..
  5. TunnelRat

    TunnelRat Active Member

    (and okay, throw in some overhead presses)

    Sounds like a plan. Find your maxes, determine your increments, and get started.

    Have a good time at boot camp. In your whole life you only get to do that once. Make sure you enjoy it and appreciate the opportunity.
  6. Reps2x4

    Reps2x4 New Member

    My father was lucky enough to go and complete two boot camps. One for Navy and one for Air Force.
  7. Fausto

    Fausto HST Expert

    Hi capinsac

    Sorry to butt in here, if I were you I'd just slow down my reps as I progress, after all its only 1 exercise.

    Makes me laugh, the "side effects" of HST, wish I was back in the game, been out a few months now but at least my aches and pains are basically gone.

    Hope this helps some!

  8. capinsac

    capinsac New Member

    Thanks, Fausto. This post from quite awhile back and I no longer include DB incline in my workout. Replaced it with BB incline and haven't looked back!
  9. b0mbah

    b0mbah New Member

    1st a hello and thanks for all who contributed to the info available in this forum (one of the few that has users that make use of their brains too)

    i started following this and decided to start the 15's with 11 exercises with 1 warm-up set + 1 work set; found this to be too much volume so i took out the biceps/triceps/shoulders as the heavy compounds should take care of those (as this thread suggested).

    my workout now looks like this:
    (not including warm-up sets: usually 1 set on 15's and 10's, 2 sets on 5's)
    chest: 1 x dumbbell incline bench, 1 dumbbell x decline bench
    back: 1 x dumbbell rows, 1 x chin-ups
    traps: 1 x dumbbells
    abs: 1 x lats with dumbbells, 1 x crunches with a disc (or whatever)
    legs: 1 x barbell squats, 1 x deadlift, 1-2 x calves (legs at the end of the workout since i found them to be a massive energy drain)
    duration: 60min (+15min bike ride to gym + 15min back home :) )

    1 year ago started the gym with 2h30min workout of a 4 day split but going mon,tue,thu,fri,sun (yeah, everything way too much and eventually lead to a bit of overtraining), lately (3months) i'm looking to simplify things so i changed my 4 day split volume to a lesser one that would fill 60min and everything was going ok; i switched to HST workout cause i felt like my muscles were loosing pump before the next day i would hit the same muscle again and so i was looking for something si frequency over volume; so far, found this workout to build a faster gain than the previous 4day split.

    what are your opinions on this since i've read here that some do 2 sets on 10's and 2-3 on 10's and also splitted and A/B (it would be kinda hard doing 2sets on my routine); it's just a question of sufficient muscle stimulation (1 vs 2 sets)
    so, i wonder, which would be most efficient and simple? my current routine, with A+B in same workout but with 1 set/exercise, or A and B on separate days but with 2 sets/exercises
  10. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Either your current or suggested alternate would be completely fine. It's one of those nice situations in which you'll essentially get the same result from either method but can choose which suits you better from a mental point of view. If you like consistency, stick with what you're currently doing. If you like to mix it up, go with A/B split.
  11. todorov

    todorov New Member

    Hi, I decided to give it a try with that new to me kind of training. I want to gain more size than i am currently now. I am not going to put to much exercises for legs because i dont want to put too much emphasis on them ( i have bad knees and cant do squats). I am aiming at bigger chest and arms. I want to have a figure of an fitness model not a body builder. I plan to do every 2 week blocks as follow : 1x15, 2x10 and 3x5 as doing the 7 and 8 week the same as 4th and 6th.

    Leg press
    Bench Press
    Bent Over BB Rows
    Seated Shoulder Press
    EZ Bar Curls
    Lying Tricep Extensions
    Standing Calf Raise

    I dont know in what way to do the dips ( i can do like 12 with BW) in what order to add weights.

    For the bench press which is better ? To do DB bench press with Dips or only Incline barbell bench press ?
    Do you recommend me to do any alternations of the exercises
    What do you think about it. I accept any critique from other more advanced lifters.

    P.S Please someone to clarify me how i should do the warm ups.
  12. Sci

    Sci Well-Known Member

    That looks good, except I would recommend two movements for the back. BB Rows + pullups for example. Dips and Bench press is a lot for chest. It would be better to have two back exercises, and one chest exercise in my opinion. If you really want to do two chest movements, you can alternate them every other workout, or try to do both for every workout, I would go with Incline Barbell bench Press, as a good pairing with dips. You can do bodyweight dips for the first few weeks, then start adding weight to a belt, when you get to the last few weeks. Pullups, or pulldowns would definitely help develop the back.

    One warmup set is usually enough for upper body, but for thighs I usually do a few small warmup sets. For LeG Press, I usually do two warm-up sets, one light longer set, to start the warm-up, then a moderate heavy set for just a few reps, to get further ready for the heavy load. So I do 180 lb.s (4 plates) for 10 reps, then 360 for 3 reps (8 plates), then probably just go for the heavy load. No need for warmups on the 15s.
  13. todorov

    todorov New Member

    So basically my workout will look like this :

    Leg press
    Incline Bench Press alternated every next workout with Dips
    Bent Over BB Rows
    Pullups - I am not able to do 15reps with body weight... what should i do if i dont have an assistant machine.
    Seated Shoulder Press - not sure if someone can suggest me is it better to replace them with OHP
    EZ Bar Curls
    Lying Tricep Extensions
    Standing Calf Raise

    Okey but should i take out the biceps curlz because i think that this will be too much overloading for them.
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  14. Sci

    Sci Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I skip curls usually, with all the compound pulling already.
  15. todorov

    todorov New Member

    Actually I decided to put more pressure on my chest so i will do for back only barbell row and curls for biceps and work more for my upper chest. So my workout will look like this.
    Leg press
    Leg curls
    Incline Bench Press alternated every next workout with Dips
    Bent Over BB Rows
    Seated Shoulder Press - not sure if someone can suggest me is it better to replace them with OHP
    EZ Bar Curls
    Lying Tricep Extensions
    Standing Calf Raise
  16. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Mistake. You will add more size to your chest measurement by working on lat width and back thickness. Add the pullups back in and use an assistance machine unitl you are no longer a weakling and can do proper pullups with added weight for sets across.

    Leg press
    Leg curls
    Incline Bench Press alternated every next workout with Dips
    Bent Over BB Rows
    Military Press
    Lying Tricep Extensions
    Standing Calf Raise

    Drop the curls, or else alternate them with the tricep extensions. I'd rather you do close grip bench press for triceps.
  17. todorov

    todorov New Member

    So basically, my workout now will look like this.

    Leg press
    Leg curls
    Incline Bench Press alternated every next workout with Dips
    Bent Over BB Rows
    Military Press
    Standing Calf Raise

    * I agree with you for the CGBP

    About the military press which one should i do ? the standing with barbell or the seated ? Or should I do it whit dumbbells ?

    But the problem is that in my gym there isnt any assistance machines so will it be the same if I use the lat pulldown as increasing the weight till i get a bit over my current ( and this will be probably only for the 15s because for the 10 and 5 i will do them with BW and after that put some weight on.
  18. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Military press means standing up.

    Just do pulldowns for 15s.
  19. todorov

    todorov New Member

    Yeap, and for the 10s and 5s i will start with my BW and add progressively load. I am not sure for the 10s will i be able to add more weights after my 1st workout of the 10s so should i continue do to 10 reps ot pullups with my BW and probably after 3 workout try to add a weight or what ? I am asking because i am not sure how will i find my maxes on the dips and pullups. Also about the dip, should i just add it after the incline bench ( and alternate only the incline bench with flat one) or its okey to alternate only between incline and dips ?

    About the barbell row - should I do them parallel to the floor or be slightly upright ( like this )
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  20. wungun

    wungun Member

    For me, adding weight on pull-ups is a very gradual process as I max out on my 5's with my BW + 45Lbs...
    On 15's, I start with just BW, do two workout with the same weight before moving up... 5lbs at a time roughly.
    Or you could add 2.5Lbs every workout...

    Do your rows as pictured...protect your back!

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