Sleep Reduction with ALCAR + l-theanine

hey virtualcyber, I have been using your alcar/l-theanine protocal for 3wks now. I take 1g of alcar and 700mg of l-theanine around 9pm every night on an empty stomach. I usually fall asleep at 10:30 or 11
0pm and now I get up around 4:30-5
0am feeling great and well rested with as little as 5-6hrs of sleep per night. Before this I requiered 8-10hrs to feel rested. Thank you. This supplement really works wonders!!!!!! :D

I am glad to hear that you are getting positive results.

BTW, make sure you get some choline bitartrate, and take it with the stack. It is relatively cheap.
I was considering trying this stack, however I cannot seem to find any where that sells L-Theanine on its own, Theanine is a derivative from glutamine so would taking glutamine have a similar effect, my guess is no but worth confirmation.

And anyone know of a company that sells L-Theanine in the Australia/ New Zealand area?
Aaron_F I'm guessing you might have some idea of the abundance of these resources
Unfortunately, IMO, their ad reads like...well, an ad. They go into nonrelated theorems of effects of GABA (which btw, doesn't do diddly taken orally for me) and research on rats and monkeys...
then there is a reference to another product that is derived from green tea, as if that's something bad - I drink green tea all day so I wonder if I'm getting my theanine anyway?
thanks quad
I found out today that I can probably order it through a local pharmacy
Seems strange that its not free to the public and also seems like a bit of hassle, hopefully it will be worth the trouble

You may be gettin enough, I think I read somewhere 6-8 cups contain about 200-400mg of theanine
Don't know how reliable that figure is, ofcourse it would differ from brand to brand.
I wonder if decaffeinated tea has the same amount of theanine, the caffeine side of tea kinds of seems counterproductive to the relaxing benefits of L-theanine