Sleep Reduction with ALCAR + l-theanine


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Time = money, right?

I have been experimenting with ALCAR + l-theanine stack for a while, in order to reduce sleep duration, increase the quality of sleep, and increase the feeling of well-being (during the day upon awaking, that is).

I believe I have arrived at the proper protocol for achieving this. (I have been able to reduce my sleep about 1.5 hours / day).

I would like some feedback, to see if the following formulation works with others.


The protocol for its administration is as follows:

(1) At about 3 hours before bed,

(2) Take 1 g ALCAR + 600~800 mg l-theanine (on half-empty stomach)

(3) Preferably, during maintenance calorie diet. A light meal between the time of the administration and bedtime actually seems to be helpful.

(4) No exercise between the time of its administration and sleep.

It takes one's body a day or two to adjust.

** 1 g ALCAR maybe too strong (I think actually 700 mg would be better).
This is very interesting VC. Since our son was born, sleep just isn't the same. Don't get me wrong, he sleeps through the night every night, but like clockwork, he is up at between 5 and 5:30 every morning. He doesn't seem to get the whole weekend thing yet
So now, I get between 6.5 and 7 hours each night which is around 1-1.5 hours less than I was used to. This has definitely affected my recovery and productivity during the day. I may have to give this a shot. Where do you order from as ALCAR is fairly pricey isn't it?

Thanks for the feedback.

Check out the thread at Avant Labs forum.

<a href="" target="_blank">;t=3815[/url]

I give more details there.

It is a tricky protocol, as you may have to fine-tune the dosages and timing.

I use ALCAR in powder form from (BAC). I cap my own powders. At around $45, I can get enough powders to make 10 months supply for the above protocol. You can also get capped ALCAR from BAC; each bottle contains 120 caps of 500 mg for $20. That will last you two months.

L-theanine is more expensive; I am trying to see if using some l-tyrosine (which is much cheapter than l-theanine) in place of l-theanine works as just as well. Until someone figures how much l-tyrosine should replace how much l-theanine, however, you will probably need to use l-theanine. But still not too bad. $12 for 90 caps (each 100 mg) at That is 2 weeks supply.

There is also some chance that choline tartrate will provide a nice adjunct to ALCAR, as well as reducing the overall cost.
This seems interesting... why do you insist on maintenance calories ? Would green tea extract be an acceptable substitute for theanine ?

(BTW, the Avant Labs forum URL is this)

(1) Calories may not make any difference -- it is just that I was on maintenance cals when I was experimenting.

There is some likelihood that the protocol may not work if you cut too many calories; I am speculating that it is the high dopamine release (by l-theanine) which aids in decreasing sleep. When you cut calories too much, the dopamine level around hypothalamus may decrease as well.

(2) Green tea extract may have the same effect as l-theanine, as green tea extract contains l-theanine.

There are probably other substances that may work, partially replace/substitute ALCAR or l-theanine, or components. I have not experimented with them, so I don't know what works with what.

It is not like there is a known theory behind this ... I just stumbled upon the combination, that is all.
Yes, AND sleep LESS as well. What is interesting is that it seems to be GOOD for the body!!

I wish I had this stack when I was in school.
Sounds very promising - especially for me who will sit up until 5 in the morning on the Internet, then sometimes sleep for 10-12hrs straight.

Unfortunately, amino acids are not available separately in Norway :confused:

Does r-ala play any role in this stack. I've heard that it offsets the potential oxidative qualities of ALCAR.

Blade -- I am sure you will like the stack. I am not though sure if it will entirely cure 5 a.m. blues. That is a lot of sleep to make up.



I have not used r-ALA for this. Don't know much whether r-ALA improves ALCAR's cholinergic properties, which is linked to ALCAR's effect on sleep.

In general, I think r-ALA makes a great complement to ALCAR. According to a rat study
the ALA helps ALCAR in increasing mitochondrial activity. They work synergistically.
Is it available to Canadian customers? i'd be interested in it, as long as it won't lead to me feeling great on low sleep for a few days, and then crashing hard after a while. i'm kind of a sissy when it comes to the headaches i feel from not getting much sleep
You need to mix the brew yourself. I don't sell this -- I just posted the formula and the protocol here for some feedback, that is all.

The individual ingredients are quire easily accessible -- they are just amino acids. Unless you live in Norway, like Blade.


There is no crash associated with this.

Just purchase some of l-theanine and ALC, and try it for 3 weeks. 1 g each. Take 1/2 g - 1 g of additional ALCAR during the day if you want to speed up the process.

In addition, you can take far less l-theanine as well -- but including it tend to give more &quot;rested&quot; feeling, at least during the beginning stages of its administration. L-theanine doesn't impact the body as much later (after 2 - 3 weeks).

At first, I was under the impression that 2 - 3 days would be all that is required for the formula to &quot;work&quot;. It seems to takes much longer (&gt; 2 weeks) for the effect to manifest.

But it is pretty amazing once you feel it. I have tried it on many people -- they all feel the extended waking hours. Their mood also improves.

Could you elaborate on your comment - &quot;L-theanine doesn't impact the body as much later (after 2 - 3 weeks).&quot;

I'm currently taking the ALCAR/R-ALA combo and considering adding the theanine...

If you have been taken continuous l-theanine + ALCAR day after day, you will notice there will be days when you don't need to take l-theanine or ALCAR at all and still feel fine with 4-5 hours of sleep.

What this is telling me is that there seems to be a &quot;buildup&quot; of ALCAR / l-theanine's effect in one's body. What I mean is not that their metabolite will remain in the body, but that there is some effect which tends to saturate the body with continuous administration of ALCAR + l-theanine stack and last much, much longer than the 1/2 life of l-theanine.

It saves $$$.
alright, i'm gonna check it out then if there's no crash....virtual, can you please tell me how much it costs to get all this stuff, say, for each month's supply?
At BAC, $20 for 1.5 months of ALCAR (500 mg, 120 caps). Assuming you take 3 / day.

At 1fast400, $25 for 24 days of l-theanine (100 mg, 180 caps). Assuming you take 7 per day.

The expensive ingredient is l-theanine, BUT you can reduce its dosage once your sleep starts getting shorter.

Sooner or later, you can use mostly ALCAR, which is not that expensive.

To clearly see the effect, try for 3 weeks.

You will probably notice faster recovery as well.

Using ornithine (500 mg) instead of l-theanine didn't seem to do much for me (tried it four 3 - 4 days). If ornithine administration is to work for BODY BUILDERS, I think its dosage should be higher than 500 mg.

There are others at Avant Labs who have tried ALCAR + l-ornithine -- not much result, but again, taken at 500 mg.ornithine.

Some people like to take 2 g of l-tyrosine instead of l-theanine. I have not tried it, but I think that should work. Personally, I like l-theanine.
oh yeah one other thing

any idea if is there any problem with this stuff legally in canada? we have laws against PH's but are more liberal with other things, so i'm not sure.