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Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by mport1, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. mport1

    mport1 New Member

    I have just started a 12 day SD, and I will begin my next HST cycle on the 27th.  However, I have a delima.  I have spring break on the 3rd week of my cycle.  I will most likely not be going anywhere, so I can still workout, but my exercises will not transfer over well to my gym at home (I'm in college now).  What should I do about this?  Should I do my 15s, take a week off and then come back for the 10s?  Should I try to figure out the weight I should use on the different machines (and possibly mess up my weight progression)?  Or something else?

    My routine right now is 3x a week:
    (from 10s onward)
    DB Press
    Machine Row
    Lat Pulldowns
    Shoulder Press
    Leg Press
    Leg Curl
    Calf Raises
    Abs on the side 2-3x a week

    The machines that would be different are machine row, shoulder press, deadlift (I use a hex bar here), possibly leg press and leg curl

    If I could get some quick responses, that would be great because if I should keep working out, then I want to start today or tomorrow. Thanks for your help.
  2. wwewrestlingguy

    wwewrestlingguy New Member

    Why not just extend the cycle you just ended for another 3 weeks or so, then you can just SD over spring break..
  3. mport1

    mport1 New Member

    Well, I wasn't on an HST cycle (I was just doing 3x a week normal workout since coming back from winter break), I guess I could just continue the cutting that I was doing, but that would be for about another month (I have been cutting for the last 6 weeks).
  4. wwewrestlingguy

    wwewrestlingguy New Member

    That's what I'd do if I were you.. but I guess it also depends on how lean you are currently..
  5. mport1

    mport1 New Member

    I guess I will just continue cutting for the next 3 weeks, unless someone thinks I should do something else.  I'm currently 132 8% bodyfat.  I guess I could try to get down lower so I can have a really nice base to build from for my next bulk.

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