Starting Strength Before HST

Discussion in 'Strength-Specific Training (SST)' started by ryder22, Mar 20, 2009.

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    H0neyBe4r, thank you for appreciating all our advices and suggestions. Here in this forum our goal is to help each and everyone to achieve their fitness goals whether its pure strength, muscle size, health and wellness or a combination of everything. I bet the majority of the trainees goals is a combination of everything. And lastly, never hesitate to ask a question since most of HST forum members are not only helpful people but kind, open and also fun in giving their thoughts, opinions and suggestions as well. As for myself I really thank God that this forum exist for people will have the opportunity to ask or share their experiences about training especially in helping one another achieve their personal fitness goals. If you got something to ask or share, feel free to post it. Ask and you shall receive. Thank You. [​IMG]
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    Excellent Thread here, and very true, trainees should in fact start with something like starting strength and then progress to a simple HST based workout!

    I wish more guys/girls would read this info and take it to heart...and El Viejo puts it...we are hard headed when young and tend to only yield to reason at a late stage, nevertheless if we don't give up we can encourage young people to do things right!

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