Strength imbalances with Abrv. Routine?

Keebler Elf

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I think I asked this years ago but never came to much of a conclusion. I like the idea of abbreviating to 4-6 big exercises but always worry about possible problems with strength imbalances between opposing muscles. Cant seem to find any straight forward advice. I read everything from doing the 'big 3' is enough to working every muscle independently. Advice, experience?

Im thinking Trap bar squat, chins/rows(alternated), incline bench/dips(alt), shoulder press in HST format. Im not a competitive BB still want a body like Bruce Lee so doing arms curls, calf raises etc just seem like fluff but dont want problems.
Trap bar squat is basically a deadlift isnt it?

Are you prone to imbalances?

because it will take time for some to occur, adn with teh exercises you have listed I dont think there will be much of an issue unless you are predisposed to them
>>Trap bar squat is basically a deadlift isnt it?<<

I hang the trap bar off my traps and squat with it! Nah,
I find I can keep more upright and take stress off the low back with the trap bar. But yeah still fits in deadlift category I suppose

Dont know if Im prone to imbalances. I used an abbreviated routine and lost some size in the arms but it was during my Mentzer days and working them once every two weeks. So I suppose it one of those try it and find out questions. Thanks