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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by T-man, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. T-man

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    Hypothetical numbers to make the math easier. Say your TDEE is 3500 cal. and the goal is 1lb fat loss per week. A 24 hour fast would be the required caloric reduction to accomplish the goal and you eat at maintenance the other six days. Stupid or not?
  2. Lol

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    Not stupid at all. :) Hormones won't have much time to react to such a short fast; but easy to eat over-maintenance the day following the fast! Be sure to reduce cals as you lose weight to account for maintenance levels dropping each week.
  3. T-man

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    Thanks. It made sense to me, but I needed validation. I'm one of the few people that doesn't starve when in a deficit and I figure getting lots of zero calorie liquids that day would be sufficient. Not sure if I'm going to do it, but something to think about if I hit a plateau. Also, my TDEE is closer to 2700, so the fast would need to be roughly 36 hours.

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