Testosterone Nation Article On Lifters Needing To Lift More Often

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by Renky, Mar 9, 2018.

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    They started easing away from Bro style toward higher frequency about a year ago. However, some of the high frequency workouts are really only for assisted lifters but it is still progress.
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    Thanks Old & Grey, good stuff...
    I think higher frequency training is becoming more popular as the science becomes more known to people.
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    And in true T Nation style, they follow up the next week with something that only a very heavily roided out pro could handle:


    The article starts out like it is going to make sense then it takes a 90 degree turn at 180 MPH and derails itself. And then they totally screw the pooch by referencing to an article that contradicts the crazy volume being proposed.


    At least they are consistently inconsistent.

    Confused yet? In the same issue as the whacko volume article, they publish a very good article on sensible training.


    I'm so mixed up I am going to go fix myself a vodka laced soy protein root beer upside down float.
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    Figured this applies, just coincidentally watching it when I saw this thread. (Video with Brad Schoenfeld)

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    Good video Ad. Thanks for posting. I will stick with 3 but I break it up between AM and PM so that no one session is much more than 20 minutes. I think I am at a training level and age where protein synthesis is faster than most but I fatigue faster so I need to take smaller bites of the apple. Training 2 times per week over 4 days would require much longer workouts unless I double split them and that is more time in the gym than I want to commit to.
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    Yeah, if I had the circumstances and/or discipline I would prefer to do smaller workouts more often. The studies normalize for volume, which is great from a scientific perspective but I think you can get more weekly volume in with more sessions and have a smaller total fatigue profile. So in a practical sense you get can some real benefit from increasing your frequency assuming you don't normalize volume. But since most of us are hobby lifters we have to be realistic with the amount of time we can commit.
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    Having written for bodybuilding magazines for the last 20 years, I can tell you the reason they are never consistent is because they have to have something "new" to declare each issue. You can't simply come out and say, "This is how it works. Do this and this will happen. This is the truth." If you did that, you would have nothing to write about for the next issue. It creates a culture where what's old will soon become new, and anything can be true regardless of what you said in the last issue.
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    I work from home and have a home gym, so I have lots of flexibility. I tend to experiment a lot with frequency and volume.

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