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Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by The Rose, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. The Rose

    The Rose New Member

    What bodytype are you trying to achieve through your hypertrophy-specific training?
  2. Calkid

    Calkid New Member

    Right now I'm 156 at 10% bodyfat, and the goal is to get to 170 at 5-6% bodyfat. Depending on how muscular I am when I'm there, I might go for longer. But I can't see being more than 180.

    I think that's just right -- definitely noticeable, but not even near freakish.

  3. Fausto

    Fausto HST Expert

    I think most of us would try for a body that looks nice, muscular and lean, freaky...well...maybe some of us, but I doubt that even Blade, who is a pro bb'er would go for that ugly look that is so in fashion now amongs the bb'ers of the world, specially the new crowd, Arnold however looked very proportional if you ask me, big, yes but overall proportional, unlike some of the guys of today that make a gorilla look good, I think that the BB competition world has lost that beauty it used to have before.
    Mind you some guys still look very good, but generally it is not about proportion anymore, it is about how much mass you can pack on, and that my friend looks dang ugly.
    This is my honest opinion, I believe that even the guys that are juicing and using HST, most of them at least, do it to get there faster, not to get just big and ugly!!!!
    My honest opinion...Bryan your opinion would be nice seeing that you were at the Olympia this last time, how did you find it?
    Fausto [​IMG]
  4. restless

    restless New Member

    Something along the lines of Steve Reeves.

    Here's a pick. Pretty good for a natural, um?
  5. Psoas

    Psoas New Member

    I would like to be about 180-185 at 8-10% bodyfat. Since I am 5'6" this would make me quite big for my height. I am already 180 at 15% bodyfat. However I would like to increase my upperbody size since, I have been called Tom Jr.
  6. Keebler Elf

    Keebler Elf New Member

    Bruce Lee...not before he died though because he lost abit of muscle. In the mid to late 60s he looked better. I love his symmetry but maybe a bit bigger.
  7. Philboy

    Philboy New Member

    Keebler, I have to agree that Bruce Lee had an awesome physique. However, I have a metabolism that keeps me much more towards the endomorph end of the scale, so I don't think that I'm ever gonna have that look... or can I?
    I'd be happy with the faintest show of a 6-pack! :)
  8. Jig

    Jig New Member

    I think Vin Diesel in XXX looks the way I'd like to look like. Actually, I'd just need bigger arms and delts and I could be his (a bit more handsome) twin brother :D

    Funny thing was, that when I left the movie theather after seeing the XXX, I noticed many people glancing at me and smiling :) (I didn't have that fur coat, though...)
  9. Blade, are you a pro bodybuilder? i didnot know that!!
    Fausto are you sure?

    by the way, long time no read: Blade, how are you doing man!?

  10. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    I wonder what Reeve's stats were in that pic. That's about what I am working towards.

  11. restless

    restless New Member

    I'll try to find out. I'm sure Casey at weightrainer knows.

    The thing with Reeves is that he had great genetics. He has (or had..) a very thin waist line and a very large torax. Casey said once in a post that it wasn't uncommon for old timers to have 47 inch chests, which is very good, in my opinion.
  12. vicious

    vicious New Member

    I don't believe there is an ideal body for any body. It is an elusive bench mark that raises as you climb higher. I admire those who can say "enough."

  13. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    You bring up a good point Jules. I don't actually know if I would be completely satisfied if I looked like that pic. I'm not there (yet). There's always one more pound to gain or a little more fat to lose etc. No matter the final result, the journey has been and continues to be enjoyable.

  14. DrM

    DrM New Member

    Hi everyone.
    I found some stats on Steve Reeves on "the unofficial Steve Reeves page" along with this picture:
    Vital Statistics
    Born - January 21, 1926
    Birthplace - Glasgow, Montana
    Height - 6'1"
    Weight - 215
    Hair - Brown
    Eyes - Blue
    Neck - 18 1/4"
    Chest - 52"
    Waist - 29"
    Hips - 38"
    Biceps - 18 1/4"
    Forearm - 14 3/4"
    Wrist - 7 1/4"
    Thighs - 26"
    Calf - 18 1/4"
  15. vicious

    vicious New Member

    There's a transition in goals where bodybuilding as "chic magnet" (Calkid, me, everybody under 19 :) ) becomes bodybuilding as Zen-like passion (Blade.) The farther you travel, the more you are your own ideal.

    That said, I'd start with Bruce Lee, add Arnold's arms, Steve's v-proportion, and Frank's ab section. :)

  16. restless

    restless New Member

    59'' chest and only 29'' waist. dang.... :confused:
  17. JDK

    JDK New Member

    good point vicious with the transition of goals. if you do your workouts for the sheer joy of working out, it takes you to a whole new level.
    i have set my sights at 225p, 8-10%bf.

    good luck for achieving your goals, folks [​IMG]
  18. CoolColJ

    CoolColJ New Member

    actually none fo the above :)

    I want that super lean as in bodyfat, explosive power athlete look but still with sizeable mass. Some of the NFL players come close to what I'd like. I'm already way on the way as far as mass goes, just need the strength and power to get up there :)

    Sprinter with more size is about the closest to my ideals

    Amazing my legs and hips are bigger than Steeve Reeves at 5'9" [​IMG]
    Yeah I have big glutes [​IMG]
  19. s7e

    s7e New Member

    Anybody seen LL Cool J lately? That is how I want to look. dang he is in great shape.
  20. uhhh:

    give me
    the neck of Jeff King,
    shoulder width and Delt Size of Paul Dillett,
    traps of Nasser El Sonbaty,
    side,rear and front delt shape of Frank Zane,
    biceps ( including peak ) of Arnold Schwarzenegger,
    triceps of Sergio Oliva,
    forearms of Gunnar Rosbo,
    Pecs ( including height) of Arnold Schwarzenegger,
    serratus of Frank Zane
    waistsize of Serge Nubret
    abs and obliques of Frank Zane
    V Shape of Sergio Oliva
    lower back and glutes of Ahmet Aykutlug
    Upper Back of Ronnie Coleman
    hamstrings of Ahmet Aykutlug
    quadriceps of Tom Platz
    calves and tibialis of Tom Platz
    overall size impact of Markus Ruhl
    standing relaxed size impressiveness of Paul Dillett
    standing relaxed shap and beauty of Serge Nubret

    blending together into one symmetrical physique like Frank Zane,
    but with more mass than Ruhl, and dryer than dry ( late Mohammed Benzaziza)

    all natural of course ( just kidding)

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