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Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by The Rose, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. jp_dubya

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    Thick, mean and rugged. Pro bodybuilder look? NO THANKS.
  2. hmm...this is a difficult question to answer cause i'm sure my goals will always keep changing with my progress.

    but i have two main sets of goals:

    the "look" - strong, but not freakish. lean, but not anorexic. i guess men's health cover model would be closest...but I don't know if that will jive with my next goal of:

    the "stats" - bench 300/squat 400/deadlift 500. I'm pretty far from that right now, I think I'll hit the deadlift first since I'm tall. to reach that level of strength, though, i wonder if I won't have to get 'bigger' then what my desired look dictates. anyone out there who is just under 6'3" who has reached the above numbers?
  3. BBigHH

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    Personally, I know that I most likely do not have the genetics to look like Arnold. My goal is to build towards my genetic max.
    Steve Reeves looks like an excellent look to shoot for. He's natural?
  4. he became Mr USA in 1947 ( age 21 )
    and Mr World in 1948. ( age 22 )

    i dunno about steroids. were there any during those days?

    at those two contests he still sported 18 inch arms, 50 inch chest 29 inch waist.

    and without the HST method.
    ( but with incredible genes ).

    IMO he was the best, before Arnold arrived.
  5. restless

    restless New Member

    According to Casey Butt, who did a lot of research on this subject, Steve was natural.

    He didn't use HST but he trained full body, 3 times a week, for two or two and a half hours each time. I heard conflicting opinions on if he trained or not to failure.
  6. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    I'll be totally honest. I want to look like Arnold did in his prime. My goal is nothing less and I belive it is attainable without drugs (training and nutrition being much better than 30 years ago). I may need to start using a prosteroid or prohormone, though. :)
  7. brucep

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    I don't really know what look I am after!! I don't take measurements as I am not that dedicated. I only started HST as it seemed a great way to do some fitness work 3 days a week.I am on my 3rd cycle and have made good increases accross all exercises.
    I guess I look bigger (the mirror seems to suggest so) however I am not worried that I am not "buff"

    I am just enjoying the training!!!


  8. Keebler Elf

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    That's refreshing [​IMG]

    I wish I could be that laid back and not spend hours trying to decide whether to do compounds or isolation, one set or two, close grip chins or wide grip, high carb or low carb, Zone or infinitum :D
  9. Phynn_Boi

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    I'm on the same page as fuzz, shooting for the 300/400/500 mark. Whatever lean I have when I get there is what I want.

  10. CoolColJ

    CoolColJ New Member

    300lb bench - already repping within 100lbs so no big deal, goal 405lb for reps

    400lb squat - well I can full squat over half that for reps, so I say a year or so to achieve that. My goal is a 600lb full squat and a 500lb full front squat

    Deadlift - I can already do 405lb fairly easily so 500lb is no big deal, in fact I could probbaly do that next month I think, goal 700lb.
  11. Chriso

    Chriso New Member

    Would love to have a body like Steve Reeves or Arnold, but have to be realistic - just don't have the genes. :confused: (Add to this that I struggle to eat as much as I should and that roids are just too expensive in my neck of the woods, the best I could hope for is a lean cut look). At least I follow the HST programme diligently and have had good results with my first cycle.
    At this stage I would be happy just to get rid of some bf and see that long lost six pack again. My wife & friends say I look great and that I'm too critical of myself - maybe we suffer (in some weird, reversed way) from the same delusions as people who have anorexia - we look in the mirror and don't see what others see - "Why is my biceps/triceps/pecs/delts/whatever so small - if only I could add 1/2/3/4/10 inches/cm's, I would be perfect and content." I'm sure this sounds familiar to many guys.
  12. Kate

    Kate New Member

    Well, I voted for Arnold but I think as a 47 yo natural female that may be a bit too much! ;) I think Lenda Murray had one of the best female physiques ever. Beautiful lines, great symmetry and HUGE! :D

    My goal has always been to see just how big and muscly I can get and still look sexy. Spousal unit is the primary judge and he has a rather proprietary interest in certain fat deposits, so that and my love of cheeseburgers and margaritas keep me on the soft side @21% right now. (BTW that is at 5' 6" and a 197 pounds :D )

    I would prefer to be at about 16-18% BF... below that hubby will have a hissy fit and I'd have to *gasp* diet and stuff.

    HST is an effective sustainable way to slowly add muscle and burn fat at the same time. If I ever get serious about the diet thing, I really will look freaky [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    In the meanwhile I'm just a HUGE package of hard curves. [​IMG]

    Happy hypertrophy!
  13. mikeh

    mikeh New Member

    This would be "the look" I'm looking for .....
  14. restless

    restless New Member

    Out of the roid users, Zane was the best, IMO.
  15. Keebler Elf

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  16. Andy741

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    To be honest, I want to not be fat without dieting and building muscle is just a way for me to not be labeled fat. It's like if you're fat you tend to be invisible to people, but if you have muscle you can walk a little taller, so I guess my goal is just to walk taller.
  17. mj0llnir

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  18. Phynn_Boi

    Phynn_Boi New Member

    His forearms are at least as big as his upper arms (which themselves are quite large)! That's actually a pretty cool look, but I'm not sure it's humanly possible. :)
  19. Aaron_F

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    dang Kate, you still must be one big girl :D ( I mean that in a nice way)
    Must frighten a few younger ones I guess.
    My spousal unit likes me being fatter, but I like being (relatively) leaner. I hate dieting but I have to start doing that soon, or I will outgrow my weight class ( [​IMG] ) Oh well, back to work.
  20. restless

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