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Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by CyberSteak, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. CyberSteak

    CyberSteak New Member

    Ok...first off, I've been working out regularly for about 4 months now. I've been following an intermediate, 3-day full body workout found here... http://www.stumptuous.com/program3.html . I'm 6' 2" tall and started off at a weight of 150 lbs. I now weigh 175. HUGE progress. I once considered myself a hard gainer but it was likely my diet. I've made a great effort to eat, and eat, and eat. So...onto the point of this post. I'm still making gains week to week both in strength and weight gain. But I am very interested in trying the HST workout. Should I wait until I hit a plateau before I start??? Or would now be a good a start as any???
    I look forward to your responses.
  2. Jake

    Jake New Member

    It's really up to you, Cyber, but if you're interested in trying it out, what's to lose? HST isn't touted as a strength program, but a lot of us in here have experienced superior strength gains. ANd, of course, it's truly exellent for mass gains. I'd consider doing it if I were you. Jus make sure you get your maxes, then take a solid 12-day SD before starting. Try it for several cycles and see how it goes- keep in mind that some folks in here haven't seen immediate gains (although I think most have). Keep in touch and let us know how it's going!
  3. CyberSteak

    CyberSteak New Member

    Ok, well in my last work out I figured out my 15 rm. Difficult task. The highest rep I ever did in the previous program was 10. And the average was 5. But it also consisted of more sets. Anyhow, the 15 rm are done. I'm in tomorrow to figure out my 10's and then again on Friday for my 5's. The one thing that I did notice in figuring out my max's was that there are certain max's I can't reduce to extend 6 workouts. An example of this would be dumbbell presses. My 15 rep max was 15 lbs. But the weights at my gym drop after that to 13, 12, 10, 8, 5... So what I have decided, and if I'm not mistaken it's what I am suppose to do, is to choose 3 different weights and and increase the weight every 2nd workout. Is that right???

    And you mentioned a 12 day SD??? 12 days??? Ok. That's going to be a task. Kinda hooked on this now. I was actually thinking 9 (take a full week off after this Friday). But if 12 is the best thing to do...sold.
  4. thedrivethruguy

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    you are not mistaken, really you just need to adhere to progressive load. for me, with lateral raises i increase every 2 workouts, and i'm even thinking to increase every 3 workouts (every week). 12 days is a long time, but thats what they recommend, between 9-12 days however long it takes your muscles to respond better when you start your cycle. i cant speak from experience, because both my cycles so far have been ended in sickness and so i counted my time off as my SD [​IMG]

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