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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by stain, May 31, 2010.

  1. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Just to chime in for a second... if you are interested in keto diets, it would be a mortal sin if you didn't check out Lyle McDonald's stuff.
  2. stain

    stain Member

    Thanks! I have come across his work in the past and just recently in the last few days as well.. I just couldn't find the link to his website so I opted out for the article on :)
  3. Kevan67

    Kevan67 New Member

    Cheers Guy's

    I will have a good read up on Ketosis,

    I am ok with my regular eating habits in terms of calories and protein etc.. but need something I can get my head around to use for cutting.

  4. stain

    stain Member

    15s - Day 5 - Awesome day
    Squat 2x100 lbs
    Seated Cable Row 2x115 lbs
    Bench Press 2x100 lbs
    DB Press 2x25 lbs
    EZ Bar Curls 2x40 lbs
    Tri Pull-downs 2x90 lbs
    Calf Raises 2x110 lb
    Shrugs 2x40 lbs

    Kev, I will be adding dips and chins in the 10s and later as I'm not strong enough to do 15 reps of my BW :(
  5. Kevan67

    Kevan67 New Member

    Hi Stain

    I was the same, i would do as many reps as I could and if I could not hit the 15 reps I would cluster to 20 reps.

    Whenever I cannot complete a rep range, 15 10 or 5 I cluster up by 5. Not sure this follows any principel but it works for me :)

    The key for me was to keep doing them even if it meant doing 1 at a time until I finshed them all
  6. TunnelRat

    TunnelRat Active Member

    I am fortunate enough to have a wuss-assist chin/dip machine in my gym. Thus I am able to progress chins and dips just like any other HST exercise. Each workout I just use a little less assist weight.
  7. stain

    stain Member

    15s - Day 5
    Squat 2x100 lbs
    Seated Cable Row 1x120 lbs
    Chip-ups BWx20, clustered
    Bench Press 1x105 lbs
    Dips BWx20, clustered
    DB Press 2x30 lbs clustered - right shoulder felt really weak and was about to give out, should switch to BB instead for added support
    EZ Bar Curls 1x45 lbs -- I was beat from pull-ups/rows, didn't feel it was necessary
    Tri Pull-downs 1x100 lbs -- you guess it, dips and bench killed me, one set was enough
    Calf Raises 2x130 lb
    Shrugs 2x44 lbs

    I took your advice Kev. I introduced dips and chins along with my bench and rows. My shoulder kills on the dips and it rally affects my range of motion, but I hope that will change as my shoulder gets stronger.

    @ TunnelRat, my gym is ghetto, they don't have those machines haha... and I'm fine with clustering for now. I hope it won't be for very long either and soon I'll be adding extra weight to my chins/dips.

    I might have failed to mention, but my supplementation is really minimal or should I say basic. I take a good multi-vitamin, fish oil gel-caps, psyllium husks for fiber, Glucosamine Sulphate for my shoulder/joint recovery, whey protein before and after the workout with added glutamine and creatine mono (no bloating though). I just started another keto cycle, Mon-Fri low carbs, fuel up on the weekend with low fat... That's it for now. Keep growing boys!
  8. Kevan67

    Kevan67 New Member


    Hi Stain

    Keep up the good work! the dips and chins really started making a difference for me when I started adding weight.

    Have a read of this thread I found it helpfull but you do need to cycle the protocol. Read the 3 post down by "Woton"

    I am going to add this routine back into my supplementation along with creatine and whey protein.

  9. stain

    stain Member

    Thanks Kev! How come I didn't come across this on the forum here? I've changed my Glutamine intake as per protocol. We'll see the effects few weeks down the road.

    After the hard work on Monday my chest, arms, shoulers and back were killing me, I had to take two days off just to let them recover... I really over did it with chins and dips hah... This week it will be different.

    Today was my first day doing 10s.

    10s - Day 1
    Bench Press 95x2
    Dips BWx5
    Seated Cable Row 120x2
    Chip-ups BWx5
    Squat 100x3
    DB Press 25x3 <-- no issues here today, beside the fact that it's a lighter weight and I'm zig-zaging, doing shoulders early in the workout is the key for me... less pain afterwards
    Calf Raises 110x3
    Shrugs 30x3
    EZ Bar Curls 30x3
    Tri Pull-downs 70x3 I said earlier, it's the first day of 10s with lower weight and I'm zig-zaging so it was a quick and easy workout, but it will get tougher. One thing that I noticed is that my Squat dropped, so I'll be upping the weight by additional 5lbs if I feel it's necessary.
  10. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    The reason you haven't seen that post or something like it here is because there isn't very much credible scientific evidence behind anything stated in that thread.
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  11. stain

    stain Member

    None at all? ...and all those people reporting improvements would be some sort of a placebo effect? Nonetheless, I don't think it matters at what time of the day I take L-Glutamine, does it? Believe it or not, my recovery has improved over the last week... I feel like I can go at it the very next day... could it just be the extra 5-10 grams of L-Glut that I've been taking? My workout is in line with the principles and I'm training in that 70%-100% RM range. Either way, here's the last two:

    10s - Day 2
    Bench Press 100x2
    Dips BWx7
    Seated Cable Row 125x2
    Chip-ups BWx7 - clustered
    Squat 105x3
    DB Press 25x4 <-- extra set to add to the volume since DBs only go up by 5 lbs.
    Calf Raises 120x3
    Shrugs 35x3
    Tri Pull-downs 80x3
    EZ Bar Curls 35x3

    10s - Day 3
    Bench Press 105x2
    Dips BWx9
    Seated Cable Row 130x2
    Chip-ups BWx9 - clustered
    Squat 110x3
    DB Press 30x3
    Calf Raises 135x3
    Shrugs 40x3
    Tri Pull-downs 90x3
    EZ Bar Curls 40x3

    ...Good start to the week, so I'll need to champ it out all the way through 10s.
  12. TunnelRat

    TunnelRat Active Member

    The 34 page MP thread references only one study (and that was limited to nine subjects). All reported improvements were simply anecdotal.

    That said, feel free to try the L-glutamine regimen. It shouldn't hurt, though its major result may be just a bit more expensive urine...
  13. Kevan67

    Kevan67 New Member

    Hi Totantanz

    Pretty lenghty read on the MP forum, I use hte protocol but do cycle it, I did a little more diggingin threads posted by Wotan and he has some credibility.

    I did find the protocol worked better for me in the morning but it should work anytime on a empty stomache. There is lots written on supplements without any scientific backing but I reckoned Vit C and L-Glut were worth taking for general health benefits irrelevant of any kind of training so thought it worth a go.

    Lots of fish oil is good too, i tend to take it in liquid form rather than capsules so if anyone knows anywhere you can get it at a good price please let me know.

  14. stain

    stain Member

    10s - Day 4
    Bench Press 110x2
    Dips ---- iffy shoulder, skipped
    Seated Cable Row 135x2 <--- so far the only exercise where I feel I'm close to 'failure'... for the 5's make a bigger spread.
    Chip-ups BWx11 - clustered
    Squat 115x3
    DB Press 30x4
    Calf Raises 145x3
    Shrugs 45x3
    Tri Pull-downs 100x2
    EZ Bar Curls 45x2

    ...who's stupid idea was it to lift weights the very next day earlier in the week? Oh yeah, it was my stupid idea... well my back hurts, I've done something to injure it. Need to take it easy now, maybe even take an extra day of rest if I don't feel good to go Friday...

    I'm assuming the only difference with soft-gel caps of fish oil and liquid is just the price?
  15. _tim

    _tim Well-Known Member

    I'm really sorry to hear about the injury, stain. Fundamentally, anyone who makes lifting a part of their life will have injuries to deal with - it's part of the game. Over time, you'll know how to prevent most of 'em, and what healing method works best as well. Best of luck as you recover!
  16. TunnelRat

    TunnelRat Active Member

    Remember the tale of the Tortoise and the Hare -- slow and steady wins the day. Oh, by the way, that turtle had a back like a rock...!

    As _tim points out, injuries are a part of the game. So we have to sort of plan ahead to see where we might be likely to hurt ourlsellves. An extra day (or two!) of rest won't much delay your lifetime goals.
  17. stain

    stain Member

    Thanks guys :) My back is feeling better. I had a really good session at the gym today. I went in early with my cousin since she wanted few pointers in the gym. I took my time and didn't rush things and I really like this pace better than running into the gym last minute and sometimes not even finishing everything. I've put on 2-3 pounds which is good so I'm aiming to get as close as possible to 190 before year end.

    10s - Day 5
    Bench Press 115x2
    Dips BWx13
    Seated Cable Row 140x2 <--- so hard
    Chip-ups BWx13 - clustered (9 in a row, wow..getting stronger!)
    Squat 120x3
    DB Press 35x3
    Calf Raises 155x3
    Shrugs 50x3
    Tri Pull-downs 110x3
    EZ Bar Curls 50x3
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  18. stain

    stain Member

    10s - Day 6
    Bench Press 120x2
    Dips BWx15
    Seated Cable Row 145x2
    Chip-ups BWx15 - clustered (10, 5)
    Squat 120x3 <-- messed up, didn't go up by 5 here, only realized after I was done
    DB Press 35x4
    Calf Raises 165x3
    Shrugs 55x3
    Tri Pull-downs 120x3
    EZ Bar Curls 55x3

    I took an extra day off before finishing the second week of 10s. I will extend 10s for another week... Then start 5'sk. Need to keep my nutrition in check, get enough protein, make sure I'm not gaining unnecessary fat... but even if I do, it's not a big deal. I feel strong... can't wait to get back into the gym.
  19. stain

    stain Member

    This was a tough workout... I continued my 10s and increased all the weights a bit and... it was hard. I can't wait for the 5s next week :)

    10s - Day 7-extended
    Bench Press 125x2
    Dips BWx16 clustered
    Seated Cable Row 150x2
    Chip-ups BWx16 - clustered
    Squat 130x3
    DB Press 37.5x3
    Calf Raises 170x3
    Shrugs 60x3
    Tri Pull-downs 130x2 <--this was enough
    EZ Bar Curls 60x2 <--same here

    Nutrition still on point I'd say.. I don't notice any fat gain... That's it for now. Back in two days!
  20. stain

    stain Member

    I've been working out but didn't post... this workout I did in 45 minutes so I didn't do my dips/chins to the end, and same with bis/tris... whatever, I made up for it on my last day of 10s!

    10s - Day 8-extended
    Bench Press 130x2
    Dips BWx10
    Seated Cable Row 150x2
    Chip-ups BWx5
    Squat 135x3
    DB Press 40x3
    Calf Raises 175x3
    Shrugs 65x3
    Tri Pull-downs 140x1
    EZ Bar Curls 65x1

    Awesome finish of 10s, took my time and didn't rush anything... I was drained for sure, I'd say 100% effort, and I pushed through my previous 10 RMs.

    10s - Day 9 - last day of 10s
    Bench Press 135x2
    Dips - my shoulders where done.. didn't want to push it
    Seated Cable Row 155x2
    Chip-ups BWx20 - clustered
    Squat 140x3
    DB Press 40x4
    Calf Raises 180x3
    Shrugs 70x3
    Tri Pull-downs 140x2
    EZ Bar Curls 65x2


    5s - Day 1
    Bench Press 135x3
    Dips BW+5x5x2
    Seated Cable Row 130x3
    Chip-ups BW+5x5x2
    Squat 140x4
    DB Press 42.5x4
    Calf Raises 160x4
    Shrugs 60x4
    Tri Pull-downs 140x4
    EZ Bar Curls 60x4

    Easy day at the gym yesterday... looking forward to finishing this cycle of HST!!

    Cheers boys!

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